Career Services

Career Services at the Psychological Services Center

The Career Services Unit of the Psychological Services Center provides a variety of services related to all aspects of career and life planning. These services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client and may include individual counseling, group counseling, vocational assessment, workshops, consultation, organizational development, or skills training.

The Career Services Unit of the Psychological Services Center is a community-based resource open to individuals throughout the Capital District. Clients served by our Career Services Unit might include:

  • Individuals seeking to explore a mid-life career change
  • Unemployed individuals seeking assistance finding suitable jobs
  • High school or college students seeking assistance with educational and career planning
  • Individuals planning for retirement
  • Community group leaders seeking facilitators or presenters for career-oriented workshops
  • Business leaders seeking assistance with analysis of their workplace or occupational structure
  • Individuals returning to work after taking extended leave
  • Individuals who would like résumé critiques
  • Individuals who would like to improve their interviewing skills