Program Objectives

The Presidential Innovation Fund for Research and Scholarship is designed to provide faculty and collaborative research teams with seed funding that provides the foundation necessary to secure extramural funding for innovative and transformative research, as well as to drive advancements in scholarship and creative works.

The specific objectives of the Presidential Innovation Fund for Research and Scholarship are to enable faculty to:

  1. Pursue new research opportunities and/or develop preliminary data that leads to the development of successful grant applications from federal, state, international and private entities
  2. Advance novel, innovative research ideas that promise to have a tangible impact on the respective research discipline and/or body of scholarly work
  3. Advance research that has a broad impact and benefit to society
  4. Increase the national and international reputation of faculty in their disciplines as well as the University at Albany as a whole.

University at Albany researchers will be able to compete for awards totaling up to $50,000 per multi-investigator team.