Funding Available and Award Categories

During fiscal year 2016-17, the Presidential Innovation Fund for Research and Scholarship will invest $500,000 in new, innovative research and scholarly initiatives in order to stimulate cutting-edge, multidisciplinary advances in targeted focus areas including: 1) liberal arts and humanities; 2) life sciences and biomedical research; 3) health disparities; 4) homeland security, extreme weather resiliency, forensic science and cyber security; and 5) engineering, applied sciences and advanced data analytics.

Because the liberal arts and humanities are essential to the life of a major comprehensive research university, $100,000 of the Presidential Innovation Fund for Research and Scholarship will once again be specifically dedicated to support research, scholarship and artistic creation in the liberal arts and humanities.

Award Categories
Applicants may request funding from an array of up to six award categories (see below) with funding not to exceed $50,000 per multi-investigator led proposal.

Please note that only one award category below can be incorporated into a multi-investigator led research, scholarly or creative works project. A funding request may not exceed the funding limit per award category enumerated below.

Award categories available for a funding request include:

Category A
Multi-investigator led research, scholarly, or creative works, projects and/or pilot studies needed to generate preliminary results and data necessary to provide a basis for, or add credibility to, more advanced, larger-scale, transformative research proposals for future funding. Up to $50,000 is available per project.

Category B
Travel Funds for an individual or a small group of researchers for use in establishing or developing relationships with federal agencies, international organizations and private entities with an objective of advancing an extramural grant application for a new and innovative research initiative. Up to $5,000 is available per project.

Category C
Speaker Series that brings renowned researchers and scholars together with University at Albany faculty, researchers and students to examine emerging new trends, review promising research and findings, and raise awareness regarding developments in the respective discipline(s). Up to $5,000 is available per project.

Category D
Student Fellowships (including the opportunity for research experiences at the graduate and undergraduate level) for periods of a few weeks, to support researchers in the development of innovative extramural grant applications. Up to $5,000 is available per fellowship.

Category E
Workshops/Institutes with invited scholars. These multiday events will provide the opportunity for researchers, scholars and leading experts to engage in in-depth discussions on a pre-defined topic leading to future collaboration and new extramural grant applications. Up to $15,000 is available per project.

Category F
Host an internationally recognized researcher/scholar, such as a Nobel Laureate or a member from the National Academies of Sciences, with the goal of establishing novel research collaborations and/or meaningful scholarly endeavors in the pursuit of new knowledge, discovery, and higher learning. Up to $10,000 is available per project.


Other Sources of Funding
Other Sources of Funding to enhance a PIFRS proposal are not required; however, consideration will be given to proposals with other internal and/or external funding commitments (i.e., direct financial contributions) in support of the proposed PIFRS research, scholarly, or creative works project.

Internal sources of funding may include state, income fund reimbursable (IFR), indirect cost recovery (ICR), foundation, or university auxiliary services financial support.  

External sources of funding may include governmental, academic (external), or private sources of financial support. 

Other Sources of Funding – both internal and external – must be a new commitment(s) in support of a new research, scholarly, or creative works proposal under the PIFRS program. Internal or external financial commitments for existing or previously funded research, scholarly, or creative works projects are not allowed.

PIFRS applicants who identify Other Sources of Funding must secure a Letter of Financial Commitment from the sponsor providing assurances for the internal or external funding in support of the PIFRS proposal. Letters of Financial Commitment must be uploaded in a PDF Format in the grants application portal under the Budget section.