Appeals must be submitted within 14 days of issuance of citation.


Parking Ticket Payments

PMTS accepts online payments through MY UAlbany or . Payments may be made in person at the Parking and Mass Transit Service. Checks should be made out to University at Albany, please include the ticket number(s) on the check. Checks of $110.00 or more will not be accepted.
You may also mail payments to the following address:
University at Albany Parking & Mass Transit Services 1400 Washington Ave. Albany, NY 12222

The failure of a student to pay any fines due will prevent release of transcripts, diplomas, or certificates of completion; reinstatement or other sanctions. In the case of University employees, failure to pay will result in the deduction of such fines from wages or salary due for state employees. Failure of a visitor to pay any fines due will result in proceedings under State Law 18. Failure to resolve outstanding tickets may also result in revocation of parking privileges, as well as the placement of enrollment holds on your record. Delinquent tickets may be transferred to the New York State Attorney General's Office or a private agency for collection.

If full payment or an appeal is not submitted within 14 calendar days following the date of issuance, this will be considered an admission of liability.

 Citation                              Fine                           Late Fee                                   
Altered/Stolen Decal/Unobtainable          $150.00 + $50.00 Boot Fee  None
 Handicap  $100.00  $10.00
 No Permit          $50.00      $10.00
 Expired Permit or Decal  $50.00  $10.00
 Expired Meter  $ 30.00  $10.00
 Restricted  $ 30.00  $10.00
 No Parking  $ 30.00  $10.00
 Other  $ 30.00  $10.00
 Decal not Displayed  $ 20.00  None
 No Decal  $ 20.00  None

Immobilization Policy

Effective Spring 2012, Parking Management has adopted an Immobilization Policy where a boot device may be attached to any vehicle where the patron owes $100 or more in fines. The owner or registrant of an immobilized vehicle will have three (3) days to contact Parking Management to settle the fines and pay the removal fee of $ 50 to have the device removed.  The implementation of the Immobilization Policy is designed to assist owners and registrants of vehicles at the University at Albany in avoiding the cost, anguish and inconvenience that accompanies having their vehicle towed from campus for excessive parking violations. We strongly encourage the owners or registrants of all vehicles immobilized for excessive parking violations to take advantage of the Immobilization Policy and the convenience to settle their parking fines here on campus prior to their vehicles being towed.

If a vehicle operated by a resident freshman displays a decal purchased by an upperclassman, holds will be placed on both students' records until the decal is returned. Referral to the Judicial Board may result in disciplinary action, including loss of parking privileges for an additional year. Repeat and Unanswered Charges:

Upon the receipt of 10 campus traffic or parking violations during an academic year, a campus motor vehicle registration may be revoked for the balance of the academic year.

Three or more unanswered tickets in an eighteen month period by the same owner/operator regarding violations of campus parking regulations may result in a referral to the New York State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for review in considering the renewal of an operator's license and/or a motor vehicle registration, and the imposition of a fee as approved by the Chancellor or his/her designee to meet the administrative costs of such a referral.

Method of Collection
Unpaid parking fines are subject to referral to the New York State Attorney General's Office or a collection agency for collection.

Collection Fee
State Finance Law §18 State agencies or their representatives may charge collection fees to cover the estimated costs of processing, handling and collecting delinquent debts. The amount can be as much as 22% of the outstanding debt.

Board of Trustees Resolution 76-137 as promulgated in Section 301.2(5) of Title 8 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York states: "...Except where otherwise authorized, no person shall receive credit or other official recognition for work completed satisfactorily, or be allowed to re-register, until all tuition, fees and all other charges authorized by the University have been paid, or University loan obligations have been satisfied."

Following this legislation, failure to pay parking fines may result in withholding of transcripts, registration, or diplomas of students. Tickets are processed daily and a hold is placed on academic records, including registration, transcripts, and diplomas, seven calendar days after the violation was written if no action is taken. Payment of all outstanding fines is required to remove a hold.

Unpaid parking fines may be subject to payroll deduction for union employees of the University.
Such fines, in the case of an officer or employee of the State University, may be deducted from salary or wages of such officer or employee found in violation of such regulations…This NYS regulation is under Title 8 of the Regulations of the State University of New York, Part 561 entitled “State University of New York at Albany.”