Rules of the Road

Please observe Mass Transit Services guidelines and rules:

  • Only students, faculty, and staff who have a valid UAlbany ID Card may ride the bus.

  • Due to DOT regulations, school-aged children are not allowed to ride the bus.

  • Arrive at the stop 2-3 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

  • Arrival times are approximate and depend upon traffic and weather conditions.

  • Stay away from the bus until it stops completely. 

  • Take available seats right away and remain seated facing forward.

  • Standees must remain behind the white safety line and always use the handrail.

  • No eating, drinking or smoking, obscene language

  • No use of audio players without headphones.

  • Keep your body inside the bus at all times.

  • Do not block the aisle with carry-on baggage, etc.

  • Wait until the bus completely stops before standing up.

  • Once the driver has committed to traffic the bus cannot stop.