Parking Decals

Purchasing Parking Decals

  • Decals are no longer mailed to students, decals may be picked up at the Parking and Mass Transit Office. Please bring photo identification.
  • We encourage you to register your vehicle on-line to avoid waiting in LONG lines at the beginning of the Fall semester. You can register your vehicle at our On-Line Location
  • Parking decal(s) may be purchased on-line anytime or  at the Parking & Mass Transit located at the corner of Tricentennial Dr & University Dr West, Monday-Friday 7:30AM - 4:00PM. 
  • Replacement decals cannot be ordered on-line.

Parking Decal Regulations

Every employee, student and visitor shall register each vehicle which he or she may operate or park on the University at Albany premises. The vehicle must be legally registered in DMV to either yourself or an immediate family member. If the vehicle is not registered to yourself or an immediate family member we require the operator of the vehicle to be on the insurance policy of the vehicle attempting to be registered. Faculty/staff/students are also not authorized to use retiree decals. For all out of state vehicles a copy of the registration must be provided. If purchasing a decal on-line for an out of state vehicle; registration will need to be provided at time of pick-up.

The Health Sciences Campus has different parking permits from those used on the Uptown and Downtown Campuses. Health Sciences Campus permits are not valid on the Uptown and Downtown Campuses. Please see the Health Sciences Campus Map.For questions about Health Sciences Campus parking, please contact Health Sciences Campus, at (518)-442-3300.

The plate indicated on the decal must match the plate on the vehicle. DECALS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE. * If you get a new vehicle or change your license plate for any reason, bring your current decal back and register your new vehicle for $5. Only if you return your current decal will you get your replacement for $5. All other replacements will be $30 for students and non-Union employees and $25 for Union employees. University members are responsible for obtaining a replacement decal if the license plate and/or vehicle information changes in any way. Park your vehicle in a "Parking Business Only" space while inside the Office of Parking and Mass Transit.

If you bring a different vehicle to campus, you MUST obtain a temporary permit from the Office of Parking and Mass Transit. Ticketers can only note that a vehicle does not have a permit. At the time the ticket is being issued, ticketers cannot determine whether the vehicle is registered to someone who has a decal for another vehicle. If you have already purchased a decal, but need to park an alternate vehicle on campus temporarily, you must obtain a TEMPORARY REGISTRATION tag from the Office of Parking and Mass Transit.You are entitled to 10 free temporary days for an alternate vehicle each academic year; as long as you have a valid decal.

Decal Display Instructions

Decal must be permanently affixed to the passenger side windshield to be valid. (Opposite your registration/inspection sticker.) Press firmly to glass. Failure to affix decal in the designated area is fineable. Decal must be readable from the outside of the vehicle.

Hang tags are issued only for two car set ups. If your decal is not properly displayed and with plate number facing forward you will receive a ticket. The decal should be removed prior to driving the vehicle.

Decal Responsibility

The individual to whom the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services issued a vehicle registration decal will be held responsible for parking violations issued to their vehicle and vehicles belonging to family members. It is your responsibility to inform family and friends of the parking rules and regulations. The operator of a vehicle parked on campus is presumed to be affiliated with the University. Responsibility for parking violations cited to a vehicle will lie with the owner or family member of the owner affiliated with the University. The person affiliated with the University is held responsible for parking tickets issued to family members vehicles. Faculty/staff/students are not authorized to use retiree decals.

It is your responsibility to know and follow campus parking policies.