Fee Information

Student Vehicle Registration Fee

The current vehicle registration fee is $50.00 per vehicle from 9/1-8/31 each year. The Comprehensive Service Fee related to Parking & Mass Transit Services is part of your tuition. 

For those only attending Summer classes the fee is $71.60 which is made up of a $50 vehicle registration fee and $21.60 in Comprehensive Service Fee related to Parking & Mass Transit Services. 

University at Albany Union Faculty/Staff
For University at Albany Union Members (CSEA, UUP, PEF, Council 82) the vehicle registration fee is $25.00 per vehicle. 
University at Albany Non-Union Faculty/Staff
For Non-Union employees the vehicle registration fee and parking fees as follows:
Time Fee Decal Total with Tax
Full Year (9/1-8/31) $75.60 $30.00 $105.60
Academic (9/1-5/31) $64.80 $30.00 $94.80
1 Semester $54.00 $30.00 $84.00
1 Month $16.20 $30.00 $46.20


Registration fees are not refundable. All other parking related refunds must be requested at the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services. 

Fuel Efficient Vehicles

The University will provide a 20% discount on the vehicle registration for fuel-efficient vehicles on campus. Vehicles will be considered fuel efficient if they obtain equal to or more than 35 MPG combined city/highway. This discount is available upon request to campus personnel, including students, staff, and faculty.

The EV stations at Collins Circle and Downtown Campus utilize Chargepoint while the other 3 EV stations utilize EV Connect

Veteran & Active Military Students

The University will provide a 20% discount ($10) on the vehicle registration for Veteran students demonstrating an honorable discharge as well as Active Military students such as National Guard or Reserves. Veteran students would only need to provide form DD214 or retired Military ID Card if applicable at time of in-person registration. Active Military would only need to produce an Military ID card. For detailed information or to confirm your eligibility contact Veteran and Military Services

Retired Faculty and Staff

Retired faculty and staff members, as determined by the Office of Human Resources, will be provided parking permits at no charge. Retirees returning to state service are required to pay the registration cost of $25.00 per vehicle. Permits must be renewed each August and are valid for all faculty/staff and student areas. Retiree decals are not valid in visitor lots, reserved, handicapped or metered spaces.  Retiree decals are no longer mailed, and will need to be picked up at the Parking & Mass Transit Office.

University Volunteers

University Volunteers, that are not being compensated or receiving a stipend from the University, are eligible for a commuter student permit at a rate of $50.