Easy Guide to Avoid Tickets

No sign means "No Parking"

Parking rules are in effect 365 days per year, even if classes are not in session. Vacations, periods of University recess, class cancellations, holidays, inclement weather, closings of any other type, etc., do not change or suspend the parking rules. Never make an assumption about the rules changing simply because of a particular circumstance.

If you have any questions about proper parking areas or procedures, contact the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services either in person at the office, email parking@albany.edu or by phone (518-442-3121). Please do not rely on advice or information from anyone else (including students, faculty, or staff from other offices) regarding anything about parking at the University at Albany. Others may unintentionally provide misinformation. (Note that parking at the Health Sciences Campus is not managed by the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services.)

You must have a valid parking decal/tag to park on campus. The decal/tag must be correctly displayed on the vehicle being parked. This rule is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you do not have a valid permit, you must use a Visitor's Lot (during hours of operation), a metered spot (with proper payment when necessary), or go to the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services to obtain a temporary permit.

If you need to temporarily use a different car, you must come to Parking and Mass Transit Services and obtain a temporary hang tag. You may not simply park your loaner vehicle on campus. You also may not switch the decal from your original vehicle.

If your decal is on a hang tag, your hang tag must always be displayed when parking on campus. It should be taken down if the vehicle is operated. The hang tag must not be obstructed in any manner by objects such as air fresheners, decorations, etc. The hang tag must be facing the proper direction. Parking attendants must be able to quickly and easily read the license plate on the hangtag.

Look carefully for signs in each parking area. Do not park along curbs.

Some large lots have Faculty/Staff only parking in one section and Student parking in another section. Be sure to look for the divisions between Colonial Gold B and Colonial Purple.

You must inform family members and friends about parking rules at the University at Albany. You are responsible for tickets issued to family members's vehicles and/or vehicles belonging to anyone living at your permanent address. Until such tickets are paid, a hold will be placed against your account.

Paid Visitor Lots are available during hours of operation only. Jumping the curb in a Visitor Lot is never allowed. Faculty/staff/students are not authorized to park in visitor lots or at meters. They are reserved for true visitors/guests of the University. Parking in a metered space requires purchase of time on the meter between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM Monday through Thursday and between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM on Fridays. If a meter is broken this means parking is NOT allowed at the meter.

Read the parking regulations and become familiar with the campus restrictions. If an area is not signed for parking, it is considered a "No Parking" area. Remember, parking regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even on weekends and when classes are not in session.

Resident students are not restricted to a specific student lot. Resident students may park in any valid student lot with a valid decal provided the specific lot restrictions, if applicable, are observed (restrictions such as those in the Empire Commons lots and the Freedom Apartment lots). Do not park illegally because "your" lot is full or because others seem to be parked illegally. Use another lot where your decal is valid.

If someone else is parked illegally and has not been ticketed, that does not mean you may also park illegally. Moreover, the individual may end up being ticketed at a later time.

Remember that leaving your vehicle with the hazard lights flashing does not allow you to park illegally for ANY length of time. Request a temporary loading/unloading permit at no charge from Parking and Mass Transit Services when moving things in or out of the dorms or offices.

The length of time you are parked illegally is not relevant in terms of voiding or appealing a ticket.

The registered owner of the vehicle or the UAlbany person who has registered for a parking permit is responsible for all tickets incurred on that vehicle. If you loan your vehicle to a friend, you will be responsible for any tickets incurred regardless of the driver of the vehicle.

Do not park on the lawn or cobblestone areas unless specifically authorized by a sign or Parking and Mass Transit staff. Do not allow your vehicle to extend into a roadway, take up more than one space, or block a vehicle from moving.