Contractors and Vendors

Vendor's vehicles are required to have vendor parking permits, which will be issued by Parking and Mass Transit Services. Those exempt from registering are delivery trucks. Example: UPS, FedEX, Staples, Office Max.

  • A fee will be paid for each vehicle registered.
  • Requestor must show proof that they are associated with a company performing legitimate services on campus.
  • Vehicles are allowed to use the loading docks and load/unload zones for up to 30 minutes. If longer, vehicles may park in any student gold parking lot excluding Freedom Lots.
  • Vendors who are invited to the University for the day, (craft vendor etc.) will be allowed to unload at locations and must park in designated area with proper pass displayed. 

For contractors requiring lay-down areas near a specific building, the Office of Facilities and Planning will assign the area. All contractors vehicles parked on campus are required to display a valid parking permit.

       * Contractors must park in Student Gold Lots (excluding Freedom Apartments).

       * Contractors/Vendors who are frequent visitors to campus may find it more economical to purhase  a          semester, monthly, or annual decal.

  • Full year (Sep 1 - Aug 31) $105.60
  • Academic year (Sep 1 - May 31) $ 94.80
  • 1 Semester $ 84.00
  • 1 Month $ 46.20

 Vendors/Contractors who do not frequently visit campus:
Will find the metered parking and pay visitor lots the most convenient and cost-effective.

For less than one (1) hour: Metered parking spaces are available throughout campus and are intended for short-term visitors. Check the specific area for posted times of enforcement as well as parking rates

All Day Parking:
For one (1) or more hours: Pay visitor parking lots are located in Collins Circle (visitor Lot #1) and on the Center Drive East; Campus Center ( Visitor Lot #2) .Check the specific area for posted times of enforcement as well as parking rates.