Appeals must be submitted within 14 days of issuance of citation. 

 Appeal Form
Signature not required if submitting appeal on-line.

E-mailing this form requires Adobe Acrobat. If submit button does not work please send appeal information (without the form) in an e-mail to .


Appeal phone: (518) 442-5766
Fax: (518) 442-3126

Altered/Stolen/Forged citations are NOT appealable.

Parking tickets must be appealed by students and faculty/staff by using MyUAlbany. If you appeal using your MyUAlbany you will be notified of the decision by e-mail. After 14 calendar days appeals will not be accepted.

If you are not an employee or current student with access to your MyUAlbany account, you may send your appeal via e-mail to If you are not an employee or current student and you decide to e-mail your appeal, you must include all citation and personal information in the e-mail that is requested on the appeal form.

Visitors may download an appeal form at or you can come to the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services to obtain a form. Appeals can be submitted by mail, fax or e-mail. Decisions are generally made within 4-8 weeks and you will be notified of the decision by mail.

Parking Appeals
Should the decision be unfavorable, the individual may then request a hearing by contacting the Appeal Board secretary at (518)442-5766. Failure of the alleged violator to appear at the time fixed for a personal hearing, without notification of inability to appear, is equivalent to a plea of guilty. In such cases, no further hearing will be scheduled and associated fines will be imposed.

Students have 14 calendar days to respond to a citation before a hold is placed on their records. A pending second appeal or scheduling a second appeal does not remove a hold or suspend a late charge. Late charges will be added 14 days after the first appeal is denied or 30 days from the date of issuance of the citation, which ever is longer.

Appeal Hearings
The Appeal Board is designated by the Vice President for Finance and Business to hear appeals of campus parking violations. The Appeal Board consists of members of the University Community, which may include faculty/staff (with supervisory approval) and students. Members of the Appeal Board are separate from the Office of Parking and Mass Transit. The hearing board shall not be bound by the technical rules of evidence, but may hear or receive any testimony or evidence directly relevant and material to the issues presented. All decisions rendered by the Appeal Board will be final.

Please note that the following are insufficient grounds for accepting an appeal of a parking citation:

  • Being late or in a hurry.
  • Dropping someone or something off or picking them up.
  • Preferred parking lot is full or too far away.
  • Inclement weather.
  • Others parked in the same way did not receive tickets.
  • Afraid to walk alone. (Please note: UPD will provide an escort to your dorm room at any time. They can be contacted using a blue light phone or by calling 442-3132.)
  • Flashing hazard lights (or four-way lights). (A 30 minute loading/unloading permit is available from Parking and Mass Transit. Please obtain one BEFORE you move heavy items.)
  • The amount of time the vehicle was parked.
  • Forgetting to purchase, renew, or display a valid decal.

Appeal Decisions
If you appeal a parking ticket, the decision you receive (even if favorable) will usually be accompanied by a page listing Parking Appeal Decisions for reference.