Accessible and Priority

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking for faculty, staff, and students requires a valid University parking decal in addition to a license plate or valid placard displaying the Universal Symbol of Access. Faculty, staff, and students who meet these requirements can park in any designated student, faculty, staff, university accessible, or special permit areas.

Students who do not have a accessible placard or accessible license plates displaying the Universal Symbol of Access but may require a temporary accommodation are to contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) prior to contacting Parking and Mass Transit Services (PMTS). The DRC will review the request and may provide a recommendation to PMTS to approve a temporary special permit accommodation. PMTS is not to be provided nor will they review medical documentation. 

First year resident students with medical considerations, after approval by the University Student Health & Counseling Center, may be granted an exemption for expected duration of need. As noted, PMTS is not to be provided nor will they review medical documentation. 

There are also accessible spaces reserved for visitors. These spaces require fee validation Monday at 6am through Friday 6pm and a license plate or valid permit displaying the Universal Symbol of Access. Fee validation is not required outside of above referenced time frames. 

Please park in accessible spaces only if you have a permit or plates displaying the Universal Symbol of Access and only when the person who received the permit or plates is actually in or operating the vehicle. Also, avoid parking in the access aisle or striped area next to a accessible parking space. These areas are needed for access by people who use wheelchairs and specially-equipped vehicles.

Also visit our Accessible Campus Maps and Directions webpage. 

Special Permit Parking

A designated number of occupational permits are issued by Parking and Mass Transit Services for use in conducting official University duties. Applications for Special Permits must include justification for the need of the Special Permit as it relates to the official duties of an individual or department and be signed by the respective Vice President or his/her administrative designee. The Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services will make determination as to the need for an occupational special permit based on these criteria. Outstanding fines must be paid in full before a permit will be issued to an individual. There is no extra charge for occupational priority special permits.

Occupational permits will be awarded on the basis of established need of the individual to have access to his/her vehicle and/or park in various areas of the campus during normal business hours in order to conduct the duties of their University position. Established need is generally construed to mean access to a vehicle three times daily for official purposes and not for personal use of the vehicle or for personal convenience.

Individual Occupational Permits

These permits are assigned to individuals affiliated with the department or division for their exclusive use in parking in priority special areas.

Department Floater Permits

Floater occupational permits can be issued to a department for the occasional use by individuals in that office in conjunction with their official University duties.  Floater permits are not to be used on a daily basis or for personal convenience. Department floater special permits that are misused will be revoked. 

University members using special permit floaters must also display a current University decal or hang tag on the vehicle. Floaters may ONLY be used for OFFICIAL University business. Floaters may not be used by guests/visitors unless accompanied by a current/valid University decal.

Floater control log sheets must be maintained on a daily basis and Parking and Mass Transit Services reserves the right to inspect this log at any time to determine if floaters are being used properly. If a ticket is received while the floater permit is properly displayed, the ticket, the floater and the log sheet should be taken to Parking and Mass Transit Services, the same day.

Loading/Unloading Passes

Special Permit Loading and Unloading passes are issued for a maximum of 1 hour at no additional charge at the discretion of the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services. Any University member with a vehicle registered to park on campus may request a special permit Loading/Unloading pass. All outstanding fines must be paid before the permit will be issued.


Metered parking spaces provide short-term priority parking in areas of high demand on campus for only visitors of the University. Meters accept coins, credit, debit, or mobile pay for a maximum time purchase of 1 hour. Patrons may park in these spaces only for the amount of time purchased. You can also pay for parking with the mobile app Whoosh