Tenth Anniversary Papers — Introduction

Dave Schutt

Reflecting on the past ten years of PIPORG-L brings back thoughts of the interesting and/or amusing moments my computer has brought me about organs. However when Ben Chi and David Kelzenberg asked me to invite others to contribute articles on any organ-related subject, I was wondering what to expect. The results are amazing and cover a wide gamut.

PIPORG-L actually started in November, 1992. I was manually forwarding messages to a list of 41 people who responded to my ads in The Diapason, The American Organist, and Theatre Organ magazines. On January 15, 1993, Ben Chi and the State University of New York at Albany generously offered to host PIPORG-L on their server.

I thought it would be interesting to see the names of those 76 "charter" subscribers on the SUNY server:

Jerry W. Akers 2Thomas Keays
Michael AmbroseHans van der Laan
Mary Alice Thiemann Bahn 1Michael D. Laird 1 2
James Bordner 2Lou Leciejewski 2
Paul S. Brown 2Bernard Martin
David BucknumMargaret Mason
Al Burfeind 2Richard H. Miller
Larry Chace 1Michael D. Mirmak
Ben Chi 1Paul Motsuk
K. Douglas ChunMichael Murray
Kevyn Collins-Thompson 2Allan Ontko 1 2
Michael Davidson 1 2Lee Ridgway 1
Thom Day 2Jean Paul Rigaut
Elaine Dent 1Wayne Rindone 1 2
David F. DiehlPaul Rutz 1 2
Tom DimockBurley Salmon 2
Cory Edelman 1 2Dave Schutt 1 2
Craig Elders 1Kevin Scott 2
Dave Engelsma 2Jerry Seward
Kim EricksonBruce Shewitz 2
Anton Frank 2Laura J. Silva 2
Lee GarrettBart J. Slagt 2
Glenn Gentry 2Paul Soderdahl
Pete GiffordEd Stauff 1 2
Wayne Gloege 1 2Pete Stewart 2
Geoff Greene 2Louw F. Talstra 1
Tony HarmincGalen Tate 2
Martin Hasch 1 2Dave Tavaglione
Jim Haynes 1 2Robert Thomin
Curt Heisey 2Scott VanOrnum 1 2
George Horwath 2Sam Vause 1 2
Herb Huestis 1 2Bill Vogel 2
Rick HuffAdlai Waksman 1
Mike Hughes 2Thomas B. White 1
Barbara L. IvesKeith Womer 2
Doumen Jan 2Robert 'Texx' Woodworth 1 2
Arthur W. Johnson, Jr.Richard Wright
Lewis R. JonesRichard J. Wyble 1
1. Still on the PIPORG-L mailing list.
2. on the manual mailing list as of about Dec. 15, 1992.

I was working on a computer program to replace the electro-pneumatic relay system on my Robert Morton theater organ. I am using the programming language called MAX (named after Max V. Mathews the Bell Labs scientist whose sound and music synthesis with digital computers earned him the title, "Father of Computer Music").

I think the real credit (or blame) for starting PIPORG-L belongs to David Zicarelli, the programmer of the Macintosh version of MAX. David steered me onto an early bulletin board system (BBS) called "The Well." They had a group concerned with MAX. I thought a similar system would be a way for organ nuts to keep in touch and share information.

As subscribers know, it doesn't take very long to figure out which messages are worthwhile reading. During the first year of PIPORG-L, I had been very interested in postings from Dave Kelzenberg. They covered a wide range of organ interests. I was ready to resign my rôle as the list's co-owner. Dave graciously agreed to help. I guess if I had known how many other non-paying jobs Dave volunteers for, I might not have tried to burden him with another one. However, I'm glad I did! I still enjoy reading his postings. It will be interesting to see who is still around when we celebrate our twentieth anniversary.

About the author: Dave Schutt was a co-founder of PIPORG-L. He has been an amateur organist since about 1949. He installed a Robert Morton theater pipe organ in his home in San Jose in 1968. He retired from the telephone company in 1985.

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