My Time with PIPORG-L

Dan Bellomy

My history with PIPORG-L dates back to probably the second or third day of having my very first computer. I heard of an internet mailing list dealing with all things organistic and of course it was one of the first things I sought online. After a few days of reading and the very occasional post I came to realize what an eclectic group of personalities comprised the group!

I had great fun those first few weeks of reading and contributing to PIPORG-L. I learned a great deal about classical pipe organs and their music. There is a wealth of knowledge in this group. Slowly but surely I also found the rare creature or three lurking on the list who were willing to openly admit being a fan of the Hammond Organ, the theatre pipe organ or the like. That was a good thing! :)

For those whose interest is in church music, classical organ music or the instruments on which it is played, you will always have a home and a colleague with whom to talk on PIPORG-L --concert artists, church musicians, choral directors; they are all here. . .and that is certainly a good thing!

The totally open mind is not the norm on this list as I have painfully experienced on more than one occasion. There are, however some VERY learned ladies and gentlemen who regularly participate on PIPORG-L who are willing to accept types of music and instruments other than their own preferences as valid. Those folks - and you know who you are - keep the postings informative, interesting and varied. That is also a good thing!

I applaud Ben Chi and David Kelzenberg for keeping things running smoothly. I also express gratitude to the creator of PIPORG-L - David Schutt - a man with a vision and the knowledge to make it work! Thanks for many hours of fun and the forum in which to discuss the things we love - pipe organs and related topics! :)

Dan Bellomy
Boston, Massachusetts