This website serves 2 different courses: APHY 150 and 477(Y)/577

Electromagnetism, and Computational Methods (Undergraduate, and Graduate Core)

Spring 2024 (3 units course credit each)

Tu-Th 09:00 A.M. - 10:20 A.M. Physics Builiding (building code PH) Room 225 (150); 10:30 - 11:50 Room 224 (477/577)
Zoom: should the need arise

Professor: Matthew Szydagis
Teaching Assistants (TAs) / Graders: Shane Carney (577) and Monireh Pourrahimi (150)

Prof's Office Hours: 4:30 - 6:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays in 312, in person, for BOTH classes; personal appointments outside these days and times are also possible
Teaching Assistants' Office Hours -- Shane for x77: Mon. 9-10 Rm 224 and 12-1, the Optics Lab (Room B033) in the basement of the Physics building. Monireh for 150: Wed. 9-10 Rm 224

Text for 150: Physics for Scientists and Engineers, R.A. Serway and J.W. Jewett (10th edition) Hybrid (with WebAssign). If physical book you use is a used copy of an earlier edition that should also be fine. Text for 577/477: None.

The following table logs topics, and your homework assignments, per class.

DateTopics (APHY150 E&M)Topics (APHY477 Comp)
Th01.18Electric Fields, READ: Chapter 22Intro to C and C++, Hello, World
Tu01.23Continuous Q Distributions, READ: Ch. 23Second Example, Third Example
Th01.25Gauss' Law, DO: H.W. #1 due TODAYGolden Ratio HW, Fourth Example
Tu01.30Gauss' Law, READ: Ch. 24Fifth Example, Guest Lecture
Th02.01Electric Potential, DO: HW2 due TODAYThe Drake Equation, Random Numbers
Tu02.06Capacitance, READ: Ch. 25The Monty Hall Problem, Boy vs. Girl?
Th02.08Dielectrics, DO: HW3 due TODAYMC Simulation, review all examples to date
Tu02.13Current, READ: Ch. 26Reactor, Sphere, Integrator
Th02.15Resistance, DO: HW4 due TODAYMC Integration, Summation
Tu02.20DC Circuits, READ: Ch. 27Reactor Solution, The C(++) Glossary
Th02.22DC Circuits, DO: HW5 due TODAYDiff Eq (Euler), Pendulum, Input File
Tu02.27Magnetic Fields, READ: Ch. 28Diff Eq (RK4), Pendulum(Matlab)
Th02.29Magnetic Fields, DO: HW6 due TODAYSimUniverse, Input Params
Tu03.05The Biot-Savard Law, READ: Ch. 29playing catchup
Th03.07Ampere's Law, DO: HW7 due TODAYplaying catchup
Tu03.12Review for MidtermDiff Eq (Verlet), Rocket Solution
Th03.14THE MIDTERM EXAMThe Earth-Moon System, Input Params
Tu03.26Faraday's Law, READ: Ch. 30playing catchup
Th03.28Lenz's Law, DO: HW8 due 04/04Conway's Game of Life
Tu04.02Inductance, READ: Ch. 31Background on the Game of Life
Th04.04Inductance, DO: HW9 due 04/11Background on the Game of Life
Tu04.09AC Circuits, READ: Ch. 32Curve Fitting to Conway's Life
Th04.11AC Circuits, DO: HW10 due 04/18Goodness of Fit: X^2 per D.O.F.
Tu04.16Oscillatory Motion, READ: Ch. 15Game Physics, and AI
Th04.18Oscillatory Motion, READ: Ch. 16Tic Tac Toe
Tu04.23Electromagnetic Waves, READ: Ch. 33weights(1) and weights(2) for game
Th04.25Review for Final, DO: HW11 due 04/29FINAL PROJECT TALKS
MO05.06Study for the Final (PRACTICE)FINAL PROJECTS DUE! (sample)
TU05.07THE FINAL EXAM (8-10am in 225).......SUMMER VACATION.......

Please consult the PDF syllabus for 150 here for more information.

Please consult the PDF syllabus for 477(y)/577 here for more information.

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