A PHYSICS 452 / 552, class#'s 9724-25:

Astroparticle Physics

Spring 2019 (3 units course credit)

Mon-Wed-Fri 11:30 A.M. - 12:25 P.M. Physics Building, Room 229

Prof. Matthew Szydagis
Grader: Thomas Vandermuelen Send an E-mail

Prof's Office Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS and by appointment (Room 312)
Teaching Assistant's Office Hours: Tuesday 12-1 and Friday 1-2 in PH 227

Text: NONE

Course Description: An in-depth discussion of precision cosmology: dark matter, dark energy, and the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation, from experimental/technological, observational, mathematical/theoretical, phenomenological, and computational perspectives. Introduction to intragalactic and extragalactic gamma-ray/x-ray astronomy, the study of cosmic rays, and astrophysical neutrinos, as well as experimental searches for extra/higher spatial dimensions and constraints on Lorentz invariance violation via various particle astrophysics detection methods.

Your grades (A-E with +/-) will be calculated according to this rubric:

Midterm Exam 25% exam will consist of similar or identical problems recycled from homework
Final Exam 25% NOT multiple-choice: answer equation-based problems and questions on papers
Class participation 25% going to class, asking/answering questions; For grad students in 552: final report instead
The Homework 25% note turning in identical assignments with typos, etc. is considered cheating

The following table logs topics, and written homework assignments, per class.

W01.23Introduction plus Dark MatterDO: H.W. #1
F01.25Introduction plus Dark MatterDO: H.W. #1
M01.28The Cosmological Evidence for DMDO: H.W. #1
W01.30The Cosmological Evidence for DMDO: H.W. #1
F02.01The Particle Physics of DMDO: H.W. #1
M02.04The Particle Physics of DMDO: H.W. #2
W02.06How to Detect Particle Dark MatterDO: H.W. #2
F02.08How to Detect Particle Dark MatterDO: H.W. #2
M02.11download HW #1 answer keyDO: H.W. #2
W02.13Conclusion of Chapter on Dark MatterDO: H.W. #2
F02.15Introduction to Dark EnergyDO: H.W. #2
M02.18download HW #2 answer keyDO: H.W. #3
W02.20The Cosmology of Dark EnergyDO: H.W. #3
F02.22The Cosmology of Dark EnergyDO: H.W. #3
M02.25download HW #3 answer keyDO: H.W. #4
W02.27Methods to Detect Dark EnergyDO: H.W. #4
F03.01Methods to Detect Dark EnergyDO: H.W. #4
M03.04download HW #4 answer keyDO: H.W. #5
W03.06Age, Evolution, and Size of the CosmosDO: H.W. #5
F03.08The Cosmic Microwave BackgroundDO: H.W. #5
M03.11Measuring the CMBDO: H.W. #5
W03.13Review for the Midterm ExamDOWNLOAD: your test
F03.15NO CLASS: work on midterm from home*no* HW over break!
M03.25download HW #5 answer keyDO: H.W. #6
W03.27go over midterm; wrap up the CMB (Lecture 9 above)DO: H.W. #6
F03.29Intro to X-Ray AstronomyDO: H.W. #6
M04.01download HW #6 answer keyDO: H.W. #7
W04.03Gamma-Ray Astrophysics/AstronomyDO: H.W. #7
F04.05Gamma-Ray Astrophysics/AstronomyDO: H.W. #7
M04.08download HW #7 answer keyDO: H.W. #8
W04.10Cosmic RaysDO: H.W. #8
F04.12Cosmic Rays (courtesy Prof. E. Brown)DO: H.W. #8
M04.15Guest Lecture by Prof. Kevin KnuthDO: H.W. #8
W04.17Neutrino Physicsdownload HW #8 answer key
F04.19Neutrino PhysicsDO: H.W. #9
M04.22NO CLASS (Easter and Passover Holidays)DO: H.W. #9
W04.24Neutrino PhysicsDO: H.W. #9
F04.26Neutrino PhysicsDO: H.W. #9
M04.29Gravitational WavesDO: H.W. #9
W05.01download HW #9 answer keyDO: H.W. 10
F05.03Gravitational WavesDO: H.W. 10
M05.06Multimessenger AstronomyDO: H.W. 10
W05.08Review for the Final Examdownload HW 10 answer key
M05.13FINAL EXAM 3:30-5:30same room as class
Th05.16All final papers and bonuses due!by e-mail or mailbox

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