University at Albany

Physics Faculty

Jagadish Garg
Professor of Physics
D.Sc. University of Paris

Office: Physics 209
Telephone: (518) 442-4532

Academic History:
  • D.Sc. University of Paris (1958)
  • M.Sc. University of Lucknow (1951) 
  • B.Sc. University of Allahabad (1948) 
  • Professor of Physics, SUNY (1966-present) 
  • Founder & Director, SUNY's Nuclear Accelerator Laboratory (1966-1972) 
  • Sr. Research Associate, Columbia University, Physics Department (1961-66)
  • Senior Research Fellow, Manchester University, UK (1958-61) 
  • French Government Scholar, (1955-1958) 
  • Physicist, Indian Atomic Energy Commission (1951-55) 
  • Research Collaborator with scientists at Oak ridge National Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, 
  • French Atomic Energy Laboratory, Columbia university etc (1966-
  • Past Fellow, American Physical Society
  • Past Fellow, British Physical Society
  • Past member, American Nuclear Society, NY Academy of Sciences etc.
Research Areas:

During 1955-1990 , I carried out extensive research in the field of nuclear physics, dealing mainly with the study of interaction of charged particles, neutrons in many nuclei using high resolution nanosecond time of flight techniques.

Published in excess of 100 papers in such fields.

Organized the first international conference on "Statistical properties of Nuclei" held in Albany in 1972

Book published by Plenum Press, NY 1972

Current Research:
  • Cosmology