University at Albany

Physics All Student Conference At Albany 2016

All faculty, students, and friends of the physics department are invited to attend the PASCAL conference, which will take place on April 2 in LC22.

PASCAL research conferences were initiated in 2003. The goals of the conference always remain the same:

  • Introduce all students to research being done in the department.
  • Give students a chance to present their research in a conference setting.
  • Give students a chance to organize a conferenece.
  • Stimulate new ideas though cross-fertilization across different fields.
  • Bring the department together as a group with a common purpose.

Conference flier.

Conference schedule.

List of posters.

The prize for the best talk was awarded to Chris Myers.
The prize for the best poster was awarded to Stewart Swift.

Previous PASCALs:


Information about first five PASCAL conferences can be found here.