Intercultural Dane

 Students must complete 10 Involvement Markers in order to complete a Dane. 

  1. Attend a Cultural Program
  2. Attend an Interfaith Center Sponsored Event
  3. Gain a Deeper Understanding of a Belief System or Spiritual Path
  4. Complete Safe Space Training
  5. Attend a Women’s Resource Center Program 
  6. Attend an Event Presented by the gender and Sexuality Resource Center
  7. Attend an Event Presented by the Multicultural Resource Center
  8. Attend a Large Scale Event Sponsored by the Office of Intercultural Student Engagement
  9. Attend a Disability Resource Center Event
  10. Attend the MSAC Retreat as a Representative of a Cultural Student Group or Organization
  11. Attend a C.H.A.R.G.E. Event 
  12. Attend TRANSday of Remembrance
  13. Attend an Intercultural Student Engagement Welcome Reception