Academic Dane

Students must complete 10 Involvement Markers in order to complete a Dane. 

  1. Attend a Formal Study Group, Review Session, or Peer Tutoring Session
  2. Become an Engaged Learner
  3. Study Abroad in another Country
  4. Visit the Writing Center, Math Lab, or CARSS Center
  5. Be a Member of a Living-Learning Community, Honors College, or E.O.P.
  6. Attend all First Fridays for First Year Students Seminars
  7. Attend Explore UAlbany
  8. Attend a Career Services Workshop by registering on the Career Services Website
  9. Attend a Career Services Internship/Job Fair
  10.  Attend an Academic Lecture Outside the Classroom (not for credit)
  11.  Engage with Faculty Outside the classroom
  12.  Attend a Transfer Seminar or be in the World of Transfer Excellence Living- Learning Community
  13.  Meet with a Librarian about a Research Project or use the P.A.W.S. program
  14. Become a Peer-to-Peer Educator through one of the University Programs