Pathways to Success

A Student’s Guide to Becoming a Great, Great Dane

Pathways to Success is a program designed to help you get involved on campus and strengthen your ability to succeed. Completion of the Pathways to Success program includes participation in specific Involvement Markers that introduce you to the various ways you can become involved on campus. Participating in the Pathways program will develop essential skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, decision making, and cultural competency that you can use in the workplace or graduate school.

To see how to complete each Involvement Marker visit the Pathways to Success MyInvovlement site.

Description of the 7 Danes

Become an Involved Dane
By becoming an Involved Dane, students will learn the fastest ways to get involved on campus as well as how to take advantage of what the University at Albany has to offer. 

  • Attend Orientation
  • Attend UAlbany’s Welcome Candle Lighting Ceremony
  • Attend an Academic Event
  • Attend an S.A. or Campus Programming Board Sponsored Event
  • Attend an Athletic Event
  • Learn More About a Student Organization

and then become....

Academic Dane
By becoming an Academic Dane, students will be introduced to resources that will lead them to academic success. In addition, students will understand that they can be involved on both a curricular and co-curricular level.

Athletic Dane
By becoming an Athletic Dane, students will be introduced to the DANEger Zone Rewards program by attending athletic events on campus. In addition, students will actively participate in club or intramural sports.

Civic Dane
By becoming a Civic Dane, students will be engaged in service both on and off the UAlbany campus in order to create a positive impact within our community.

Intercultural Dane
By becoming an Intercultural Dane, students will be introduced to resources that promote inclusivity on campus. In addition, students will gain an understanding of individual differences among students at the University at Albany.

Purple and Gold Dane
By becoming a Purple and Gold Dane, students will grow their involvement on campus by joining a student organization, attending more campus wide and residence hall events, and being introduced to important leadership skills.

Wellness Dane
By becoming a Wellness Dane, students will engage in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy community.