Rental Rates and Personnel Charges

Prices are subject to change without notice. Phone (518) 442-3995 for current rates.
(All charges are per day, unless otherwise noted)

Off - campus user
Arena, Studio or Lab Theatre Performance: $500 Rehearsal: $250
Recital Hall Performance: $800 Rehearsal: $400
Page Hall Performance: $1000 Rehearsal: $500
Main Theatre Performance: $1000 Rehearsal: $500
Futterer Lounge Reception Alone: $400 With theatre: $200
Reherarsal Room / B28 / B78 Performance: n/a Rehearsal: $300

On- campus user / Student Association / Units with NYS Budget
Arena, Studio or Lab Theatre $100
Recital Hall $160
Page Hall $200
Main Theatre $200
Futterer Lounge Reception $80
Reherarsal Room / B28 / B78 $70


The Performing Arts Center office reserves the right to decide how much staffing is necessary for an event. Positions are filled with a combination of professional and student labor.

Theatre Supervisor: $25/hr
Stage Supervisor: $18/hr
House Manager: $18/hr
Ushers: $18/hr