Being Hmong Means Being Free - Oct. 27

closeup of two women's faces

Prime Performance - Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 4:30pm

Focusing on a Hmong immigrant community in Wisconsin, this documentary offers a comprehensive look at many fundamental concepts and practices of the ancient Hmong culture – weddings, funerals, the “ball toss,” the shaman, clans and the “flower cloth” – and relates how those traditions have framed the Hmong culture and community. Acknowledging the difficulties that have arisen from trying to follow those traditions in a new country where the language barrier, limited employment opportunities and xenophobia present everyday challenges, the film explores how dramatically life has changed for Hmong in the space of a generation.

This screening is part of a project Celebrating Hmong Culture Through the Arts which also includes a Paj ntaub display and a performance of The Latehomecomer.


Presented in collaboration with the NYS Writers Institute.  Funding support provided by University at Albany Foundation, University Auxiliary Services, Office of Intercultural Student Engagement and the Alumni Association through the Grandma Moses Fund.