2018-19 Matinees for H.S. Student Groups

Each academic year, the UAlbany Performing Arts Center offers a series of weekday matinee performances that are geared for high school students. These performances are a mix of theatre, music and dance and are selected for their connections to high school curriculum. Some performances are presented by guest artists while others are produced by the Department of Music and Theatre.

Admission is $5 per student with chaperones free.

Resource materials are available approximately one month in advance of the shows.

Directions and bus information are provided upon reservation.

Guided campus, Performing Arts Center and Art Museum tours as well as other activities like departmental meetings, class observations and lunch in the Campus Center are possible when your group is on campus. More information will be provided with your reservation.

Home school students and parents are welcome.

To make a reservation for your school group or for additional details, contact Kim Engel at (518) 442-5738 or kengel@albany.edu

Cast of Beyond Sacred: Voices of Muslim Identity, photo by Adam Nadel
Beyond Sacred: Voices of Muslim Identity
Sold out; waiting list available.
Monday, October 15 at 10am

This documentary style theatre work by Ping Chong + Company illuminates the daily experiences of five young Muslim Americans who have come of age in a post-9/11 society and are building their lives in a time of continued fear of and violence towards Muslims.  Their true stories create a beautiful and intensely poignant cry for tolerance at a time when such sentiments are more necessary than ever.  “A chorus of voices gently demolishing the notion of Muslim culture as monolithic… [it’s] an exercise in empathy…drawn from real lives.” ~ THE NEW YORK TIMES

Running Time: 75 minutes + post-show discussion for a 95 minute program
Payment Due Date: October 5, 2018

San Jose TaikoSan Jose Taiko
Friday, November 9 at 10am

Mesmerizing audiences since 1973 with the powerful, spellbinding and propulsive sounds of the taiko, these talented performers express the beauty and harmony of the human spirit as they create new dimensions in Asian American movement and music. Inspired by traditional Japanese drumming, they have broadened this historical art form with other world rhythms including African, Brazilian, Filipino, Latin and jazz, bridging many styles while still resonating with the Asian soul in America.

Running Time: 60 minutes
Resource materials: Teacher study guide provided in advance
Payment Due Date: October 22, 2018

The Gun Show
Thursday, March 28 at 10am

Award-winning playwright E. M. Lewis tells the story of America’s relationship with guns through the prism of her own personal experiences, from rural farming community to big city.  Leaning neither right nor left, the play jumps into the middle of the gun control debate and asks “Can we have a conversation about this?”  Performed by Christopher Smith, it’s “…a powerful show, an important show, and a show everyone should see.” ~ BROADWAY WORLD

Please note: This production contains strong language and mature subject matter.
Running Time: 70 minutes + post-show conversation for a 90 minute program
Payment Due Date: March 8, 2019

Tuesday, April 16 at 10am

Saakumu, photo by Linda HammickSaakumu means traditions and, as the name implies, the company derives its repertoire from a variety of both traditional and contemporary cultures. Driven by a passion for bringing innovative dances and world music to their audiences, the company is one of the leading dance and music groups in Ghana, West Africa. Created by master musician Bernard Woma, the group will perform from their repertoire of spiritual, ceremonial, traditional and contemporary African dance accompanied by live music that is joyful, expressive and highly participatory.

Running Time: 60 minutes
Payment Due Date: In celebration of the Performing Arts Center's 50th anniversary, this performance is being offered free of charge.
Please note: There is a limit of 50 students per school.

Thursday, October 18 at 10am

A troupe of actors helps Jesus Christ stage parables with games, storytelling techniques and a hefty dose of comedic timing. Written by “Wicked” creator, Stephen Schwartz, “Godspell” reminds us of the importance of kindness, tolerance and love.

Running Time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Payment Due Date: October 10, 2018
Additional Opportunities: Talkbacks, classroom visits and facilities tours are available upon request.

A Streetcar Named Desire
Thursday, November 15 at 10am
Sold out; waiting list available.

In the sweltering heat of New Orleans, Blanche, a fading Southern belle, arrives mysteriously at her sister and brutish brother-in-law’s doorstep. Colliding with their volatile marriage, Blanche grasps after her own crumbling reality. This Pulitzer Prize-winning American classic is a riveting story of fate, desire, and desperation in the pursuit of happiness. 

Please note:
This production contains strong language, violence and scenes of a sexual nature.
Running Time: 2 hours 40 minutes
Payment Due Date:
November 1, 2018
Additional Opportunities: Talkbacks, classroom visits and facilities tours are available upon request.

Our Country's Good
Thursday, March 7 at 10am
(snow date: Friday, March 8)

A boat full of murderers, thieves and marine officers arrive on the shores of Australia. There, an ambitious young lieutenant is set the task of directing a cast of convicts in a play. A true story of the first convict colony, “Our Country’s Good” is an extraordinary work about the value of the theatre and the redemptive power of art.

Running Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Payment Due Date: February 21, 2019
Additional Opportunities: Talkbacks, classroom visits and facilities tours are available upon request.