Available Rental Spaces

The Main Theatre is the largest theater space on the Uptown Campus. The proscenium stage measures 48' wide and 40' deep including the apron's orchestra elevator. The auditorium seats just under 500 people in a very comfortable continental-style seating. The stage is extremely well-equipped with a series of 4'x 4' traps and a 45 lineset counterweight system.

Designed for music performance, the Recital Hall seats 228 people, 190 on the orchestra level and 38 in the nine circular boxes on the second level of the auditorium. The Recital Hall, known for its excellent acoustics, is used primarily for Music Program concerts but is also a popular location for lectures, conferences and ceremonies. The stage measures 21' wide and 25' deep. A semi-permanent acoustical shell is located upstage.

Arena Theatre

The Arena Theatre is used primarily for Theatre performances and acting classes. The stage diameter is 24' and the auditorium seats 196.

A favorite space for actor/audience interaction, the Studio Theatre seats 153 people. The stage measures 29' wide and 25' deep including the 6' apron. A hemp flying system is located on a gallery stage left. The Studio is often utilized by the Theatre Program for both productions and classes.

The Lab Theatre is a 50' square "black box" theater. The Lab can seat up to 200 audience members in any seating configuration.


Page Hall is a classic old proscenium theater located on the downtown campus of the University at Albany, at 135 Western Avenue. The auditorium has a total capacity of 830. 439 of those seats are located on the orchestra level and 391 and on the balcony level. Page Hall's excellent location, combined with its large seating capacity make it a favorite site for community events and performances. The film series of the New York State Writer's Institute is presented primarily at Page Hall. The stage area at Page Hall is 33' wide and 22' deep, including a very large (12' deep) semi-circular apron.

The Futterer Lounge is named for Agnes E. Futterer, recognized as the founder of the Theatre program at the University. The lounge, which measures 30' x 80' is a popular site for receptions after performing arts events. The lounge is located on the second floor of the PAC and its west wall is fully windowed, providing an excellent view of the campus. The entrances for the Recital Hall and the Lab Theatre are located directly off of the Futterer Lounge.

The Dance Studio (PAC B-53) is located in the basement just off of the Main Stage. It is used primarily by the Theatre Program for acting classes and rehearsals for their productions. The floor of the Rehearsal Room is "sprung" and is therefore suitable for dance rehearsal and instruction as well.

The Band Rehearsal Room (PAC B-28) is located in the basement. It us used primarily by the Music Program for rehearsals by their four large ensembles.

The Choral Rehearsal Room (PAC B-78) is located in the basement . It is used primarily by the Music Program for classes and rehearsal by the Program's two choral groups.


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