The Theatre Program of the University at Albany’s Department of Music and Theatre is pleased to present its first virtual performance, Lovers and Lunatics, an original episodic productionEpisodes will be live and will run at 8pm on Thursday, September 17; Friday, October 2 and Friday, October 16.  Admission is free but registration is required at

Conceptualized to bridge the digital gap between artist and spectator, this experimental production directed by Angela Ledtke encourages active participation.  The audience will be called upon to vote and serve the artists in their creative journey. Described as an episodic, Shakespearean “choose your own adventure,” the audience votes on design and directorial choices to illustrate the power of our collective voice during this contentious presidential election year.

The first episode will be presented live in a Zoom webinar format with a mixture of live and edited video content. It will serve to introduce the series with video vignettes of each player in this Shakespearian ensemble and their archetype character representation. Much like a science experiment, these introductions will serve as the “control” interpretation. It is at that point that the future of the character development lands in the hands of the audience.  Ballots will be revealed and polling will take place.

Episode #2 will also be broadcast live in a Zoom webinar and will showcase the characters’ development based on the polling results from the first episode.  After the performances occur, ballot options will again be revealed for a character “mash-up” in the third and final episode. The “mash-u[“ will allow the new character interpretations to interact with one another, either within the context of their “home” play or venture off into another one of the Bard’s dramatic worlds.

Again, airing live in a Zoom webinar, the final episode will reveal the “mash-ups” of the characters. It will be the culmination of the players exploring their characters over the span of six weeks with help from the audience along the way.

For further information, contact the Theatre Program office at (518) 442-4200 or [email protected].


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