Organization of Women Faculty

OWF Fall Roundtable and Luncheon
Friday, October 5
12 to 2pm
Campus Center, Room 335 (Uptown Campus)
Lunch will be provided

RSVP by September 28 to Deborah Altrock at

Fall ColloquimJoin us for a presentation by Joey Sprague, Professor of Sociology, University of Kansas, and President-Elect, Sociologists for Women in Society.

Professor Sprague’s talk and the discussion that follows will draw upon her extensive research on the ways gender, class, and race structure knowledge. Professor Sprague is the author of Feminist Methodologies for Critical Researchers: Bridging Differences (Rowman & Littlefield, 2005). In advance of the luncheon, attendees who RSVP will be sent a copy of Sprague’s article, "Student Evaluations and Gendered Expectations: What We Can't Count Can Hurt Us" (with Kelley Massoni, Sex Roles, 2005), which she will draw upon for this talk.

"Evaluating Teaching or Imposing Gender?"

Academic administrators are increasingly relying on student rating scales as the primary or even sole way to evaluate teaching. Is this fair? On the face of it, asking students about their experiences in courses seems enlightened and student-centered. However, social science research suggests that the most commonly used scales may entail significant gender biases. We will discuss the problems with student evaluations and how we might respond to them as teachers, as researchers, and as members of institutions. We'll also consider the potential for gender bias in the evaluation of other scholarly work.

About Professor Sprague

Professor Sprague is most interested in the ways gender, class, and race structure knowledge, from the social organization of the academy to perceptions in the broader culture. She has also recently published “The Impact of Gender on the Evaluation of Teaching: What We Know and What We Can Do” (with Heather Laube, Kelley Massoni, and Abby Ferber, National Women’s Studies Association Journal, 2007. Professor Sprague teaches feminist theory, research methods, sociology of knowledge, and social psychology and is also co-editor of The Gender Lens book series (Rowman & Littlefield).

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