Manage Awards

After the Award Establishment and Maintenance Unit within the Office for Pre-Award and Compliance Services (PACS) has set up a PTA---project, task and award number---in the RF’s Oracle system for your sponsored project, you will work with the Research Foundation Human Resources (RFHR), the Office of Award Management Services (AMS), Institutional Services and the Office for Pre-Award and Compliance in order to successfully undertake your project. Research Foundation Human Resources will assist with the posting and hiring of Research Foundation staff positions needed to perform your project. The Office of Award Management Services (AMS) will process expenditures for non-procurable items, such as travel expenses, related to your project. Within Institutional Services, Purchasing and Contracts will process purchase requisitions submitted for procurable items, such as supplies and equipment.

If your approved project includes a subcontract to another institution, your Research Administrator within PACS will have the subcontract document drafted for your review and approval and negotiate the terms of the agreement with the subcontractor. Once the subcontract has been finalized, PACS will share the document with AMS. AMS will review and approve payment requests from the subcontractor. The payments will be processed using the Oracle system.

If it is necessary to request revisions to the project, such as budget modifications, no cost extensions, revisions to the Statement of Work, these changes will be handled by your Research Administrator within PACS. Your Research Administrator is the authorized representative and signatory for such transactions. If you are unsure whether or not you need to request approval from the sponsor in order to proceed with a specific purchase or transaction, please consult with your Research Administrator. He or she is the appropriate liaison with the sponsor’s grant specialist or contract’s officer.