COEUS at UAlbany


On July 1st, 2018, COEUS will be discontinued and no longer accessible for either submission or viewing. Important documents that are only available for access in COEUS need to be downloaded and stored elsewhere. In order to provide your Sponsored Programs Offices with a proper phase out, COEUS proposals should be submitted by June 22th, 2018. Thank you!

Access COEUS to start or continue work on a proposal for external funding.

In order to login use your NetID with capitalized letters, your regular UAlbany password and select Albany as the campus.

Due to the federal government’s move toward electronic proposal submission, the Office for Pre-Award and Compliance Services has implemented a new internal proposal submission deadline which requires that complete proposals be submitted to PACS no later than five business days prior to the sponsor deadline.

What is COEUS?

It is an application where proposals are created, routed for review and submitted to sponsors. All UAlbany proposals for external funding which will be administered by the Research Foundation for SUNY will need to be entered into COEUS and routed for review and approval.

How do I start a proposal?

When starting your proposal, please contact your Research Administrator. They can assist you with questions about conducting your activity at UAlbany, help you to address sponsor guidelines and assist you with COEUS’ routing process for proposal review.

Your Research Administrator can also assist you if you cannot:

  • create a proposal;
  • find your sponsor;
  • find an organization with whom you plan working with on the proposal; or
  • find the department or center that you should credit as part of the proposal. 

Please contact Nicholas Yelich at or 518-437-4558 for assistance with any technical issues you experience with COEUS.

How do I update my unit's proposal reviewers in COEUS?

Individuals charged with the responsibility for a University department, center, school, college or division should contact Nicholas Yelich at or 518-437-4558 for assistance to identify proposal reviewers.