Complete a Funding Application

Process to Submit an Application to an External Sponsor

 The Research Foundation for The State University of New York is designated to provide administrative support for externally sponsored research for the State University of New York system.

When submitting an application, The Research Foundation for SUNY will be the applicant and subsequently, The Research Foundation accepts awards on behalf of the University and the Principal Investigator.

The Research Foundation for SUNY at the University at Albany is located within the Division for Research, Office for Pre-Award and Compliance Services, MSC 100B.

UAlbany campus uses COEUS for proposal preparation and submission. COEUS is a web-based application and a user-friendly tool that is used for preparing, routing and submitting ALL research proposals and contracts.

We have created a list of important steps to follow, when completing an application package.

Each sponsor has different requirements for the preparation and submission of an application, but there are some general steps that most sponsors require:

  1. Identify Funding Source (Click here for funding sources)
    1. Obtain Program Announcement.
    2. Locate Program Guidelines; these guidelines are of critical importance.
  2. Contact your Office for Pre-Award and Compliance Research Administrator
    Click here to find your Research Administrator
    1. Review program guidelines with your Research Administrator
    2. Develop a timeline to complete application
    3. Discuss budgetary needs
    4. Obtain copies/discuss current and future rates (Click Here for Rate Sheet)
      1. Fringe Benefits
      2. Facilities and Administrative costs
      3. Tuition
      4. Travel per diems
      5. Mileage
  3. Evaluate Research Components
    1. If your research includes the use of Human and/or Animal Subjects you must contact compliance.
    2. If your research includes the use of Radioactive Materials, Hazardous Substances, Infectious Agents or recombinant DNA you must contact the Office for Environmental Health and Safety.
    3. Check sponsor guidelines to ensure that all necessary actions are taken.
      *NOTE* Some sponsors require IRB approval prior to proposal submission, while others allow applications that are pending approval. Review the guidelines carefully!
  4. Budget Development
    1. Develop an "Internal" or "Working" Budget using an excel spread sheet; an internal document will allow you to "perfect" the numbers before completion of the application form.
  5. Collaborating with another Institution (If applicable)

    The following materials must be obtained from the collaborating institution:
    1. Letter of Commitment
    2. Scope of Work
    3. Budget
    4. Rate Agreement
  6. Routing and Approval
    Proposals need to be completely finished and submitted for approval at least 5 business days prior to the submission deadline. This is to allow enough time to successfully complete the electronic routing process and to accommodate any revisions that may be necessary.
    Once a Principal Investigator submits a completed proposal for approval, the electronic routing process begins. At each step along the routing map, the individuals designated approver will have an opportunity to review and approve (or reject) the proposal. The Office for Pre-Award and Compliance Services is the final stop in the process. The RA will have final review responsibilities and may elect to approve or reject the proposal at this final stage. Upon approval, the proposal will be submitted to the Sponsor by the Investigator's Research Administrator.
    Last updated: March 28, 2017