Developing Submissions

The Principal Investigator (PI) is the individual who has absolute responsibility for the overall conduct of all activities involving human subjects. The PI ensures the project is carried out ethically and in compliance with the terms, conditions, and policies of the IRB, the University at Albany and any external sponsor. 

Students may serve as a PI for their own research projects.  When a student serves as the PI, UAlbany requires that a faculty advisor be named co-principal investigator. The Faculty Advisor has the responsibility to ensure that the student fulfills his or her obligations as principal investigator. Faculty Advisors must also complete a Faculty Advisor Statement

Tips for Developing a Study Plan

  • A study plan is a written explanation of how the investigator will conduct his or her research.
  • Review the IRB Procedures Manual for information on the IRB review process.
  • The IRB will need to review all information and materials to be seen by participants.
  • The greater a potential for risks from the research is, the greater the detail of the study protocol should be. 
  • The IRB cannot provide guidance on which procedures to utilize to answer study questions. The IRB is only able to review how reasonably the study plan mitigates any potential for harm to the participants.
  • If you're new to this IRB process, ask a colleague to review your study plan for clarity before working to the other documents.
  • Study plans should not be written using an abundance of technical or discipline specific terminology. Anyone, regardless of their background should be able to understand the processes participants will go through.
  • Faculty Advisors should work with their students during this process.
  • If you will collaborate with a researcher outside of UAlbany see the IRB Reliance Page.

IRB Open Office Hours

Individuals are available to answer questions about the IRB review process, human research protection program or study specific questions.

Contact [email protected] to request an appointment.

Submitting Requests for Review

Submit requests for review of human subject research activities to:

[email protected]