Developing Protocols

Protocol Requirements

Protocols must be deemed “complete” before they are considered as received by PACS.

Do not use jargon, terms of art, or technical language when completing the protocol. The project description must be written in a style suitable for presentation to a freshman class. If the narratives are not provided in layperson’s terms, the protocol will be returned to the investigator.

A complete protocol includes the following:

- The most current version of submission and supplemental forms (as found on the website);
- Original signatures (investigator, faculty advisor, department chair, etc.);
- CITI training report for each person engaged in research;
- All related supplemental forms;
- Complete grant application (no excerpts), including cover page(s);
- Financial Conflict of Interest Form (for protocols that are, or are expected to be, grant-funded).

Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols must also include (if applicable):
- Recruitment scripts and flyers;
- Data-collection tools.

Modification and continuation requests must include:
- The revised protocol;
- Revised support materials.