Conflicts of Interest (COI)

Faculty, staff, students and the community of the University at Albany are encouraged to foster an atmosphere of academic freedom by promoting the open and timely exchange of scholarly knowledge independent of personal interests and are required to avoid conflicts of interest. Where potential or actual conflicts exist, faculty and staff are expected to consult with appropriate University officers and abide by the applicable university policies or regulations. 

A disclosure requirement applies to University and Research Foundation employees who receive or apply for external funds. As part of the application process for an external grant or contract, a “Annual Certification” must be filed with the Office of the Vice President for Research by each University/Research Foundation officer or employee acting in a significant decision-making position, project directors, or any person who has (or, if funded, will have) signature authority for a Research Foundation account. The “Annual Certification” must be filed upon initial application for external funding, whenever a research funded employee’s significant financial interests change materially, or at least annually. Compliance with this disclosure requirement is a prerequisite to the acceptance by the Research Foundation of any research grant or contract.

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Conflicts of Interest FAQ

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