Foreign Disclosure and Export Controls

[From The State University of New York Statement on Foreign Disclosure and Export Controls September 16, 2019]

The State University of New York (SUNY) values international collaboration, which inspires new perspectives and provides faculty, students and staff with global research and learning experiences. SUNY and The Research Foundation for SUNY (RF) are committed to the advancement of scholarly research with integrity and transparency. Recently, the United States Government has expressed concerns regarding inappropriate influence by some foreign entities over federally-funded research. Federal agencies have issued reminders to the grant recipient community of disclosure requirements (e.g. NSF and NIH) and have indicated that failure to disclose foreign relationships and activities may jeopardize project funding and potentially cause ineligibility for future funding for a Principal Investigator (PI) or an institution. (Complete SUNY Board of Trustees Resolution.)

Research Foundation For SUNY page on Export Controls

Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation,


For more information, see University at Albany Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance website: