About Compliance


The mission of the Office of Regulatory and Research Compliance (ORRC) is to support and promote ethical research practices at the University at Albany, State University of New York. ORRC serves the University research community by coordinating institution-wide research compliance policy and procedure development, and by partnering with researchers, so that the University is compliant with federal, state, and local laws and regulations as well as University policies. ORRC provides policies, procedures, support, training and advice to aid researchers with compliance related to federal, state, university, and local regulations with regard to research.

ORRC also identifies compliance risks and communicates those risks to the research community. Finally, ORRC monitors and investigates instances of noncompliance to protect the University's research reputation.

To fulfill its mission, ORRC staff offer the University community a variety of services:

Research Compliance Board Administration

Staff assist University researchers with their IRB and IACUC protocol submissions to facilitate the review process.  Staff are available to advise during protocol development and help investigators resolving IRB/IACUC review items.

Training and Presentations

Staff are available to offer presentations to units, programs and Schools on the regulatory research compliance topics.  Sessions can be custom tailored by discipline, level (e.g. graduate students, department faculty, etc.)

Compliance Guidance

Staff respond to individual questions and concerns about compliance issues. If you have questions regarding research compliance, ethics, or best business practices, please contact the office at:

Office of Regulatory and Research Compliance
University at Albany
1400 Washington Ave, MSC 100E
Albany, New York 12222

Telephone: 518-437-3850
Fax: 518-437-3855
Email: [email protected]