About Us


Orientation and Transition Programs facilitates the transition of new and continuing students by encouraging the exploration of opportunities, supporting connections to University resources, promoting a sense of pride in the University and partnering with parents and families.

Program Goals and Objectives

Orientation and Transition Programs will foster connections by:

  • Giving students and their families the opportunity to meet with faculty, academic advisors, current students, and other university representatives.
  • Familiarizing students and family members with the variety of student groups and organizations on campus.
  • Providing opportunities for students to meet their future classmates and establish friendships.
  • Developing supportive partnerships with parents and family members of new students.
  • Supporting first and second year students as they get involved, connect with peers, faculty, and staff, and prepare for careers.

Orientation and Transition Programs will encourage exploration by:

  • Providing access to the academic environment at UAlbany and tools for academic success.
  • Exposing students to diverse experiences that increase their cultural competencies.
  • Encouraging the pursuit of intellectual curiosity and personal development.
  • Inviting UAlbany family members to become involved members of the campus community.
  • Support third and fourth year students as they excel in their declared majors and explore jobs and internships.

Orientation and Transition Programs will promote the development of GREAT, Great Danes by:

  • Fostering a sense of pride and school spirit through participation in campus traditions and attendance at campus events.
  • Providing community engagement opportunities for students to give back to UAlbany and its surrounding communities.
  • Educating students on UAlbany’s values of inclusion and civic responsibility.
  • Supporting and developing student leaders.

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