How do I...

Below are the most common questions of a new online student. If the questions or concerns that you have are not covered below, please contact Johanna Cole, Coordinator of Online Teaching and Learning at [email protected].

How do I know if I am ready to learn online?

You can test your readiness for online learning by completing the SmarterMeasure  assessment through OpenSUNY.  SmarterMeasure is a tool to help you better understand your strengths and areas for improvement to help you succeed in your educational goals.

Username: ALB_OpenSUNY

Password: alb$M2015  


How Do I Register For My Classes?

To enroll in courses at the University at Albany, you must first be admitted as a degree or non-degree student. If you have not yet been admitted to the University, and need more information about Undergraduate, Graduate, and non-degree (graduate or undergraduate) admissions, please click here.

After you have been admitted to the University as a degree or non-degree student and have received your Personal Identification Number (PIN) from ITS and your Advisement Verification Number (AVN) from your Academic Advisor, you are now eligible to register for classes.

Online Registration Using MyUAlbany

The University uses a web-based registration system called MyUAlbany to complete registration and program adjustments. In addition to registration, students have the ability to check their semester grades, change their address, check any administrative holds that may have been placed on their records and access other student services areas such as housing and financial aid.

It is easy to set up your password so that you can use MyUAlbany to register for courses. Go to MyUAlbany and click on the "Password Set/Reset" button. Follow the instructions to create a complex password and obtain your Net ID. Once you create your password, go to the MyUAlbany page and login using your Net ID and password. Instructions on how to enroll in, add and drop classes can be found in MyUAlbany: A Student Guide.

If you are having technical difficulties with your Net ID, PIN or password, contact the ITS HelpDesk at (518) 442-3700 If you are having AVN-related problems, contact your Academic Advisor.

How Do I Get to My Online Classes?

The University at Albany offers fully online courses using the Blackboard Learning System.

If you are a new or visiting student at the University and are enrolled in an online course being offered using Blackboard, you will need to have completed the "Password Set/Reset" process described above to access your Blackboard course. Once you have your UAlbany Net ID and UNIX password, follow these instructions to access your Blackboard course:

Go to and click on the Blackboard Learning System logon link or go to and use your Net ID and UNIX Password to log into the system.

For technical assistance with Blackboard, please contact the ITS HelpDesk at 518-442-3700 or submit a help request at

To view the ITS HelpDesk hours of operation, go to

How Do I Buy My Books?

Student who would like to order textbooks through the University at Albany bookstore can order them online. To order your text books online, please visit the bookstore web site at: and click on the link for "Textbooks." Please be sure you have the following information handy when placing your order: department code, course number and class section number.

For questions regarding purchasing your textbooks online through the University Bookstore please call (518) 442-5690.

How Do I Access the Library?

The University Libraries offers a gateway for your information and research needs, including hundreds of article citations and full-text databases, web-based reference sources, subject specific web pages developed and maintained by our subject specialists, as well as services, including interlibrary loan, email reference service, and article and book delivery services. Tutorials on using library resources effectively can be found here

The libraries' staff is available to assist you with your research needs. Visit our Online & Distance Learning Services page.

NOTE: Students who wish to access the University's Library systems from a distance will need access to their SUNYCard Library ID. To request the SUNYCard Library ID, please contact [email protected].

How Do I Drop a Course?

If you must drop a class, drop it using MyUAlbany. Please note that your financial liability for the course will be determined by the date you dropped the course, not based on the date last attended. Also, please keep in mind that in the case of an online course, you will be financially liable regardless of whether or not you have logged into the course.

For the tuition liability schedule please view the University's Tuition Liability Schedule.

For more important semester dates and deadlines, see the University Academic Calendar.

When does my online course start?


The University at Albany offers online classes during year-round during our Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions. You will be expected to begin your online class on the first day of classes or the first day of the session if the course is offered during the summer semester. To determine what day classes begin, please view the University Academic Calendar. Students enrolled in courses offered through the Blackboard Learning System will be able to access course(s) two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Is tutoring available?

The University at Albany is a member of the STAR-NY Consortium, which provides free online tutoring to students. Tutoring is available through STAR-NY Sunday through Thursday evenings from 7p to midnight (ET). The expanded subject list includes accounting, chemistry, computer science and undergraduate and graduate writing to name a few.  Questions and technical help is available by emailing [email protected]

How do I pay my tuition bill?

After enrolling in your courses, you will be billed by the Office of Student Financial Services for the tuition and fees. You will be responsible for submitting payment by the date indicated on the invoice. The Office of Student Financial Services is available to address your questions and concerns.  You can reach them at (518) 442-3202 or visit their web site at


Is Financial Aid available?

The Office of Financial Aid at the University at Albany administers financial aid programs to eligible campus-based and online degree-seeking students for the fall and spring terms. For more information visit the Student Financial Center website, call (518) 442-3202, or email [email protected]

As an online learner, do I have to complete the University's Health Forms?


Health forms from all students are required by law. Online learners are defined as students who are participating in courses through the University at Albany in a fully online format and/or are participating in University at Albany courses remotely. At this time, the Health Center is able to provide semesterly exceptions to online learners.

You can download these forms and instructions from the Student Health Services site. If you have specific questions about the forms or the information that is required, please contact the Student Health Services at (518) 442-5454. You may submit the required information through email at [email protected].  Health forms may also be sent to Student Health Services at 400 Patroon Creek Boulevard, Suite 200, Albany, NY 12206.



What Are Some Characteristics of Successful Online Students at UAlbany?

Successful Online Students at the University at Albany are:

Aware that Fully Online courses are not “Easy”.

Online courses require at least the same amount of time that face to face courses do. For every credit, you should expect one hour of “seat time” and three hours of homework. (3 credit course = minimum of 12 hours per week) There will be a lot of reading and writing in an online course since face to face discussion is not available. Your posts will require a certain amount of reflection and evaluation prior to submission. (UAlbany follows rules of Netiquette.)

Able to use (and have access to) a computer with high speed internet connection.

Students should feel comfortable using a computer and navigating the web prior to attempting to take a fully online course. In addition, students should have access to at least one primary computer with a connection to the internet and a backup should the first have any technical issues.

Well organized and self-motivated to participate.

Fully Online courses at the University at Albany are asynchronous. While you can login at anytime from anywhere, you will have a course schedule with set due dates. Students should plan to login into the course various times throughout the week to stay on top of activities and must participate within the course in a timely fashion. Instructors will only be able to know you have “attended” class by active participation.

Comfortable communicating through writing.

A majority (if not all) of your communication will be done through writing. You should feel comfortable expressing yourself in that manner. As you are taking a college level course, you should expect that anything you write in the course should have the correct spelling and grammar usage. The use of text speak (i.e. LOL) and emoticons (:-o) should be avoided unless otherwise instructed by your professor.

Willing and able to ask for help.

If a student has a problem or question, the student must be willing to ask for help or be able to find assistance. Your professor will give you ways to communicate with him/her. If you are having a technical issues using Blackboard, you should contact the ITS Service Desk by submitting a request at

Proactive and use the two weeks before the first day of class to resolve any technical issues.

University at Albany’s Online Courses will go live to students two weeks before the first day of class. Students should use that time to Check Browser and make any recommended adjustments to their browser so that they pass the check. If they require assistance, they should contact the ITS Service Desk by submitting a request at Students should also become familiar with the Course Information (syllabus) and complete any Ice-Breaker Activities that the professor has made available.