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Issue #6.  Winter/Spring 2000.
This issue, guest edited by Jenny Dowling, whose work you have seen in previous issues , is dedicated to The Writers Studio, a remarkably successful school of creative writing located in Manhattan.  As a part of their apprenticeship, students at The Writers Studio do the following exercise:  given a text, either poetry or prose, by an established writer, they must then produce their own text, imitating certain (formal) features of the model.  We present a number of those exercises, and hope you will find, as we did, that they afford a glimpse into the original act of writing, as well as a pleasurable read.

You will also find a description of the Studio's activities and methods, a presentation of The Writers Studio by Jenny Dowling, and a recent dialog between the poet Philip Schultz, its founder and director, and Ricardo Nirenberg.

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