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One Brushed Past, by Sheila Murphy.

Parse me in your diary. Proceed in peace. The pace of wildly risen troughs desists from bathing. Many dimes across a field distract spectators from the points they paid to see. It is an autumn age. Look at the dried trees be so slender. See the wheel begin to seem the whole of what we're lacking. Tendencies have finished tending. There are weeds to catch before the chill emulsifies the young-appearing healing. Primordial what? If you gift me a computer I will ride you to the north and beam insistency to the claustro-adages. Are we alone yet? "I'm doing leg lifts," she advised. Surmising struggles wriggled out of purpose. Prawns were there to eat. It was an easy holiday. Temptations left the fronds alone. A symptomatic wind went slightly sour. One brushed past all that. A holding pattern stained the front of every dress. It was a pink kind of a linkage one affected. Traffic bore the stench of lean-to in another time. Tact became the sole criterion for bed rest. Once earned, it was the gift.


Sheila Murphy's poems appeared in Offcourse Issue #16, March 2003 and Issue #12, Winter 2002.

In 1996, Murphy's Letters to Unfinished J. won the New American Poetry Series Open Competition. The book will appear shortly from Green Integer Press. In July 2002, she was a featured presenter for the Avant Two Symposium, sponsored by The Ohio State University Libraries in Columbus, Ohio. In 2000, Murphy presented a series of readings and workshops at the Arvon Foundation at Totleigh-Barton, Devon, in the UK, in addition to performing at the third annual Boston Poetry Conference. In 1999, she was a featured performer at the annual Brisbane Writers Festival in Queensland, Australia. Murphy has authored numerous books of poetry, including most recently The Stuttering of Wings (Stride Press, UK, 2002), Heresiarch (Xtant/Anabasis, 2002), Immersion Tones (Luna Bisonte Prods Press 2000), and The Indelible Occasion (Potes & Poets Press, 2000). Books scheduled for publication include Green Tea with Ginger (Potes & Poets Press). She and Beverly Carver co-founded the Scottsdale Center for the Arts Poetry Series and served as coordinators for 12 years.


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