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Two Poems, by Kelly Malone.

Repair thy Heart

Mortal one, remove the chains
They reek of rust and fear
Wipe your face of grief's remains
Don't glorify the tear

Drink easy from the cup of life
Take in the liquid slow
Withdraw the aching, jagged knife
Your heart has come to know

Self-loathing won't emancipate
Distress will not absolve
Denial will not liberate
The parties they involve

Recite the verse that bonds your love
Then toss it to the fire
Release the pain that you write of
Let healing words inspire

For in the darkness you have dwelled
It's time to search for light
Accept the peace that you've withheld
Let healed wings take flight


Glorious Water

Small clear caps of pebbled beads that glisten in the light
race across the sidewalk's edge, aborted in mid-flight

Tiny drops of precious water collect upon a flower
Thirst is what the rose projects, intending to devour

Gentle rains from puffy clouds release a cooling mist
Mixed with rays of warm sunlight, a rainbow in the midst

Pools of liquid gather proud into a dancing creek
Sent below from high above upon a mountain peak

Roaring rapids gather steam, their destination clear
In the distance luscious waves proclaim the sea is near

Sure of what her calling is and where she's meant to be
What was once a tiny drop, is now part of the sea.

Kelly Malone lives in Southern California. Her work appeared in York University's School of Women Studies Journal, Cappers Magazine, The Rearview Quarterly, The Penwood Review, The Wesleyan Advocate, Free-Verse Magazine, The Street Corner magazine.


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