Two Poems by K.R. Copeland


Lying awake in my sins
images flitting above
shadows cast blame on the moon
moonbeams lay doubt upon love
sleep deprivation begins...

All That Is Past Is Buried Deep

All that is past is buried deep
beneath the surface of the earth,
yet not the weary widows weep
in want of one more winter's worth.
What fools exhume the rule of now,
within grave tribulations tear,
too soon for presence to allow
the room for you, and whom to care?
Whom to care for here and now
and less about the absentees,
these, the people's, have the how
and as such plenty pleasantries.
Plenty pleasantries or few,
what's said and done one can't undo!

K.R. Copeland says:  "I am a self-taught writer with an unsurpassed passion for the well-written word, and an inordinate fondness for irony.  I feel my strongest writing suit is formal poetry, although I've been known to crank out a few experimental pieces as well.  I've been published in several magazines and literary journals, including Seeker, Hodge-Podge, Fresh!, Collective Insanity, Nectarzine, Beginnings and Snow Monkey."
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