Failing Words, by Philip Hyams.

Dismal alphabets dropping like
incendiary bombs deep within the
gray flesh crevasses of my mind.
electric shots of blue lights flashing
worthless meanings, repeated stories,
banal tales, impotent lessons, common
mistakes and hopeless visions
into the abyss of conscience.

Failing words, so why do I scribble
tomes to no avail, to invisible audiences
I cannot see or touch or ever know.
Holding an orange in my hand means more —
the color and odor of something sweet, fresh.
Failing words only leave a residue of
ink tracks on reams of aging vellum.



Illustration by Flory Gessner.

Philip Hyams's work has appeared in Of(f)course Issues #5 and #8. Philip Hyams is an Israeli/Canadian novelist, poet, artist, journalist and film producer currently residing in Kfar Sava, Israel. Born in 1954 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Mr. Hyams has also lived in London, Amsterdam, Montreal and Toronto.

His first novel Canaan Barred was published in 1995 by Tell Books, New York/Toronto, and his poetry has been published in more than 70 print and electronic journals around the world from the U.S and Britain to Sweden and South Africa.

While living in Europe he performed his work under the auspices of the internationally known One World Poetry Organization alongside poets such as Jack Micheline and Gregory Corso and as an artist was very early on affiliated with the "Copyart" movement producing graphic works on large-format XEROX color copy installations. He has also been a journalist for the Israeli edition of Internet World.

Mr. Hyams has been an award-winning documentary film producer and broadcaster with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation where he was the first producer in North America to cover the plight of North American Natives battling with Epidemic Diabetes. He still serves as Director of Aboriginal Affairs for the Canadian Branch of the Commonwealth Journalists Association.



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