Contributors for this issue:
Holly Lalena Day

Holly Day's poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have most recently appeared in Palace Corbie, Mixdown Magazine, and Sweet Ass.


Roger Gathman

Roger is a freelance writer who writes reviews for Publishers Weekly, and has
published in Salon, Feedmag, 12 gauge review, and Poets and Writers.
Roger's own ezine is Calumny and Art,

Robert W Greene

Robert W. Greene, Professor Emeritus of French, University at Albany, State University of New York, is the author of The Poetic Theory of Pierre Reverdy (California, 1967), Six French Poets of Our Time (Princeton, 1979) and Just Words:  Moralism and Metalanguage inTwentieth-Century French Fiction (Penn State, 1993).  He edited Dalhousie French Studies, 21 (Fall-Winter 1991), devoted to "Art Criticism by French Poets Since World War II," and is currently writing a book on the art criticism of the French poet Yves Bonnefoy.

Mary Kennan Herbert

Mary Herbert teaches writing at colleges in New York City.  Her second book of poetry will be published this spring by Ginninderra Press in Australia, which also published her first collection last year.  Her poems have appeared in many literary journals in the USA and around the world.
She recently was awarded a grant by the Brooklyn Arts Council of the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, and received first prize in the 1999 poetry competition sponsored by the Midwest Conference on Christianity and Literature.

Alan Kaufman

Alan Kaufman's poetry, fiction and non-fiction appear online and in print in Salon, Long Shot, Savoy, Witness, ZuZu Petals and are widely anthologized.  His previous books include "The New Generation:  Fiction for Our Time From America's Writing Programs" (Anchor/Doubleday) and an anthology to appear in October from Thunder's Mouth Press, "The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry".

Ward Kelley

Ward Kelley (
has published in the Ezines Pittsburgh Quarterly and Pif, and in print mags Potpourri and Skylark.  He was selected as featured poet by the Canadian Ezine, Pyrowords.

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