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"Infrathin Hall of Mirrors Effect (or, Calling Out the Joneses)" by Stephen Bett

For what it’s worth      ’cause
something is happening here
& you don’t know what it is
do you, Mister Jones?

  …  Man with a gun over there
telling me I gots to beware

Wait …     it’s Mr Jones his Self! 
that there “Me and Mrs Jones”
We got a THING going on
know it wrong   /   much too strong
let it go now (go now
go now, ooh …

(Feels so suicidal, jes’ like
Bobbie Zee’s clone cojones)

Tarnation …     schlepping wit’ them
damn Joneses       coupla dude-
bro infra-thin’ers
nuttin in ’em       the space
between front & back
sheet a’ paper

What I’m writing is an infra-novel
  … connects the dots   (sailor Jones)

Everybody look what’s goin down
whole lotta shakin      rimes they
are a’changED   /   more’n enough
ordnance for y’all

Children, what’s that sound?
Workin on the chain     ya-hay-hain
or lolling themselves
to death (LOL)


Buffalo Springfield; Bob Dylan (x2); Billy Paul; Moody Blues; John Lennon; Jerry Lee Lewis; Sam Cooke; Calvin Tomkins, Duchamp: A Biography (p. 346), quoting Duchamp’s front & back sides of a single sheet of paper as another example of “infrathin”; Laurent Binet’s very fine novel HHhH (p. 241), a postmodern historical metafiction as an “infranovel” of infinitesimally fine distinctions over a singular historical event (the assassination of Heydrich, architect of the Final Solution & “Butcher of Prague”)

Stephen Bett is a widely and internationally published Canadian poet with 24 books in print. His personal papers are archived in the “Contemporary Literature Collection” at Simon Fraser University. His website is

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