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"On Copying a Rembrandt Drawing", by Sarah White

rembrandt drawing

I have been working on a version
of the winding line with which 
the Master rendered an Old 
Testament event: three figures: 
a woman walking with two others,
and a woven basket discovered
in the rushes of a river. 
I would show the drawing
to my lover were he not
so radically far away. Besides,
my pen has failed to capture
the grace of the Master's gesture.
Nor can I slow the waters, 
or measure their fathoms of woe.

painting by Sarah White

After retiring from teaching French language and literature at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I moved to New York City where I currently compose poetry, study painting, and attempt to copy drawings by Old Masters. My most recent poetry collection is "Iridescent Guest" (Deerbrook Editions, 2020),  and my next one will be "Fledgling," a chapbook of sonnets, (Wordtech Communications, 2021 or 22). 


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