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New Poems by Mark Young

Wall Street & The Arts

                 for E.T.



by the prospect of
a bonus stock issue
& an extra dividend

if the paint company
in which he held
shares met certain

targets, he gave up
painting like Franz
Kline & followed the

Jackson Pollock route.




Forget the

flight of small
cheeping birds
that WCW wrote
about—old age
is a house-arrest
bracelet woven
from the stupid-
ities that you

now commit
when you venture
out, & fallible be-
cause it doesn't
always signal
an errant action.




Natural reactions

of no

rain, the
lose their

no matter
what the
season. The

set up shop
around the

from the




The Archer

Just as I pass over
the Tropic of
Capricorn, 100 ibis
rise & circle above
me. Egyptian birds
in the Queensland sky.
Perhaps they have been
released to celebrate

the Grand Reopening
of the famed Library
of Alexandria. Maybe
Rockhampton is to
be the new repository
of ancient wisdom &
I am getting in
on the ground floor.


Mark Young's most recent books are Ley Lines & bricolage, both from Gradient books of Finland, The Chorus of the Sphinxes, from Moria Books in Chicago, & some more strange meteorites, from Meritage & i.e. Press, California / New York. A limited edition chapbook, A Few Geographies, was recently released by One Sentence Poems as the initial offering in their new range.
His work has appeared several times in Offcourse; Four Poems  in #67, Dec. 2016.

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