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OffCourse Literary Journal

 Published by Ricardo and Isabel Nirenberg since 1998


Poems by Paul Bamberger


old man in worn out coat walks the dunes of the outer bank after a long sea sleep   
storm his signature dunes his solace    
walks as night gives way to morning moon low over acacia tree    
walks as we in town in our half sleep curse the nation for not keeping up   
walks as we wake pleased to find the sun still shines in stony places   
walks as clock strikes whistle blows door slams shut  
walks as we who say there is everything to be gained pen our name to day’s bottom line   
walks as we go about our business having come too far to be dogs sniffing at the winds of change   
old man in worn out coat walks the dunes of the outer bank keeping to himself
as a whisper at the edge of madness keeps to itself



this old man the alchemist has always feared the martyr has always meant to be   
this sparrow of a man   
death’s angry rival in a season of unquarried stone  
sitting among the dark flowers waiting the oncoming night
waiting the return of the small anonymities   
waiting while others look to time's worn words to take them home   
this unsalvaged man who like the mouse that has outwitted the owl finds himself lost among familiar



Rose Mangano came by her death through long days pounded into obscurity by little whacks of
take to the wilderness road dear friend   
go to where bear's been seen crossing   
there you will find a willow tree on which coyote has scratched his mark for all to see he’s been dreaming again   
the sorcerer waits for you there  
ride with her on the wind of the sorcerer’s trade   
and know the joke was not on you


Mr. Bamberger holds an MFA Degree in English/Creative Writing from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst, and is currently teaching at Northern Essex Community College in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He has published several books of poetry, “Down by the River” being his most recent published by Islington-bryer Press.  Mr. Bamberger’s poems have appeared in magazines including  Stoneboat, Ibettson Street and Agenda magazines.

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