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New Poems by Billy Cancel.


travel notes from happy england     missed sharp ride to industrial yellow.
upon echo-lane alone i happened.     grey smear covered in white scratch.
blue cave white butterflies cold black pool you opened fire door.     to vague
eloquent music got exposed.     city offset soft blue scuffs around stapledge.
northern hemisphere all portrait.     crossroad girls singing en route to scum
-atorium.     dropped anchor off trends.     each green fold packed with brown
steeples.     military lamb dead wheel & i met amongst iron trees.     wore a silver
collar i fought a bear i liked it  rejoiced with scissors shocked out amongst
unassailable discordance.     through broken shutters i saw purple light hold
an empty fountain square.     enough petite chefs to outrage economy.     hemisphere
all collage surface no sunday drive with girls through summer green but purple
endgame rabid.      oh parasite reciprocate do.
dropped anchor off the trends often came up
claret.     to return to the city i couldn't bring
myself so circled surrounding countryside
once the green hill green hedgerows split
& i saw     the distant     cathedral spire.



that was christian rock      tug upon winter's string     did me good son    
los allages     night in wrong haven     upon my very     occassional hand     
chicken bucket aphrodite     spade a call a call     dive between days no
blue tooth doubt         a copy of a copy of the devil's candy     beauty spot
illegal rave     vague shapes most reminiscent of the past fell somewhere
about the edge but i championed ultra abstracts no discernable objectives   
gentlemen's club by cemetery wall     couldn't make it up     no discretion
threshold     i could always be shite at the bend of the funnel     in that
interval for living     oh on it is charlotte indiana then dot circle bravo blank
south again yellow no april default image b & the 7 comprehensive     icy
decemeber in a recetangle 3 blank black engine & so is on yes india domain
laura but dot is north now icy guarded condo tower DO NOT STOP
CORRECTION FACILITY AREA my life in the sunshine. mainstream
pull for nullified members a kind of promise. it will be thundershell but
to me like the sound of crows. pantomine horizon but i shall stand steady
for an outage. epic glue plague though nothing less than construction ahead.
all the shapes-i shall commit to square-1. in that interval for living i verified
sensations balanced what had scattered & patterned each exposure
against the hinge an adverse force then in rushed all the bastards.



charged by a black knight red pig frosted tree
cave-in tempo     sharp orange place     distraught
knife clarity     why didn't you give me the time no
count when i gave you the time?     was rain in upper
peninsula     same time i gained better understanding
of dehibilitating injury.    at the center of an edgeless
trench     salted their honeytraps     within a restless of
shades     half felt the chicken switch      fuzzy laser
liquid home     a road to the right opened up the whole
of former derelict clay country but green men moved
about the hedgerows     didn't like it.
am blocked by a frosted
knight black pig red tree
naples in summer isn't now
such a dance is a brisk limp
cop in the park at night is you
attracted by the noise yellow
fin tuna two metre long giants
of the sea are making straight
for us.


downed drone amongst fields of lavender endless
allegies cranking up     begins to correlate completely
unrelated numbers     signal pulses back to white mountain
"scatterknowdarkspots clarify     my trench mud tunnel
unstable     in i look from to district's center     glare
relentless     inconceivable strain"
drone safely landed upon cathedral roof directly overlooking
biege city square all configured & about to engage standard
procedure     signal pulsing back to white mountain where a
thousand systems bloom     "clusterlightcountless overshine
their towers     starscape suspended      from i look through
to district's edge     less lit intervals conceivable peace"    
downed drone bloody amongst thorns    shattered castle
backdrop     so much for full power straight into a thicket of
squiggly bright lines     signal pulses back to white mountain
"unless fire breather     avoid fire breather     unless fire
breather     avoid stab alley     unless fire breather scan
cluster     unless fire breather scan cluster scan scatter."
once again their clumsy actions had been more than susceptible 
& lingering doubts dominated the internal dynamics of my audit.


china town bus to union furnace

because red river hag said let's all play
landlord & tenant because owner found
dead all cages open because well i had to
put out the sun to take it in delete as approiate.
bright kilometre sequence     installation at beacon
point     diego corner     chuck cunningham syndrome     
yellowest flag protrudes from debian red cylinder     wilds
but they're drilling     here's my $20 pledge for the raw
box    & mad people coming through     fighting me for
my shoes     black aquiform requireseamstressituation    
nowadays i only take my news with vouchers     knock
knock who’s there     did you just knock     no     have
you got any ham     no     defer the passage to uptown
'cause snap goes the snorkel     so confounded was i by
intermediate thread to star burst fold     so confounded
was i by 17 shapes of 54
colors so confounded was
i by whitewalls blinding
light of immediate family


Pack Saddle Access
    Dividend Ex    Contango Slip
Listed Straw Hole    Prevailing Lumber Tell    Bond
Rally Switch    Ampersand Offset     you join us at the
midway point of this protracted struggle.     cycle
reversing upon itself     seams left unripped     too
complex to calculate.     series of crowds so far have
stretched my mask no hotel bar my mask no hotel
bar has proved decisive.     not once a floating of issue
more a respectful lowering of face each new day
illustrated further confusion loose intimate word strings
the only range. inside aggressive temples you represented
butterflies faded murals. in spaces littered with abandoned
skills stacked high your whining freight.     with what eagerness
meanwhile you all must have waited.     Star Intaglio Load    
Havoc Boot    Date Planchette Owner     Basin
Offset     Firebrand Ticker     thanks known decoy    
for access to the worst     am no secret
come tonight     to warn you     guess what    
gouged bloom     uneven flow    
means     no symphonic output.

Billy Cancel‘s work has recently appeared in Shampoo, Glitterpony & Cricket Online Review. He co-runs Hidden House Press. A collection The Autobiography Of Shrewd Phil was published by Blue & Yellow Dog Press last year. Sound poems, visual shorts, & other aberrations can be found at

His poems appear in Offcourse Issue #47, November 2011.

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