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Nine Poems by Cristopher Barnes.



The Individual Christopher Barnes 1-3


  1. Flickering gusts gather breath air-cooled.

Unsalted showers, golden-opinions chef,
Pine facades, piano – waves
In throes, shilly-shallying.

Tenacious sensations intense
The pare of Indian Ocean
By an imparadised yacht ‘Midsummer’
Captained by Christopher Barnes,
Bearing off mid-courses played-out
Running East African outlines,
Lamu to Quirmbas.


“We all derive identity from the world around us.  As infants we are just a jumble of diverse
Biological processes over which we have no authority, and our first task in life is to
Develop a coherent personality which ‘pulls together’ this fragmented confusion.”
-          Raymond Lloyd Richmond PHD


  1. Champion?  Neurons hectic under tar-black helmet,

Route wrap, an arch, 3-whip hoof out from jump box
Vantage – grounding the tread to flat bank.

No judge is unburnt, lingering for thunder.
In 1st place…the naming unheard…

Bravura BMX spinner,
Christopher Barnes is dash-go, daring devils
At Wavehose Park in Umhalanga City.


“It begins very slowly, but over generations the growth rate increases more and more rapidly,
Similar to a snowball effect.”
-          James Hopkins


  1. Christopher Barnes is…

A tuneful tutor in Cheshire ,
A whiz in lower bass episodes (tuba
Trombone modulations, euphonium, baritone)
A superinduction to preferenced arrangements
On trumpet lipping, cornet, tenor.
His upright accompaniments for greenhorns
All in all inflexes strain
From an unquiet cricking thing,
To the surprise of getting it right.



The Individual Christopher Barnes 4-6


  1. Christopher Barnes anchors at a Canadian lustre

Breakwatered, persuadable motoring spans.
Sediment, hydrographic,
He accounts a whacked splash
Through hyphened salt water observatory rope;
Vortexes, epochs, fallings off, thickening,
Shutting down bubbles, slap-bang.
A sifter – biological, chemical consequences
In hoary high seas.

“Artificial embryo twinning is the relatively low-tech version of cloning.  As the name suggests
This technology mimics the natural process of creating identical twins.”
-          University of Utah


  1. Uncle Walt voiceovers;

Horoscopes daze with fate
For Christopher Barnes, actor.
An aeon unavailing,
Fortune-tempting a gewgaw part, a halo of glory,
Serviceable in ‘As The World Turns’,
Deep-space claptrap in ‘Starman’,
Inexciteable codswallop funniments,
Video static ads
-          A name to be unconjured with.

“Components of identity include a sense of personal continuity and of uniqueness from other
-          Gale, Encyclopaedia of Psychology


  1. A round-numbers wrap

Has Christopher Barnes;
Sober-sides in a suit.
Zurich Financial Services
Monopolize him.  That speck of a smile
Plain speaks.  A played-out man’s
Smart set deficit.  But off and the profit-margins sing,
Preening before us.



The Individual Christopher Barnes 7-9


  1. Christopher Barnes, architect;

Planks the dismantling of a knockdown punch gym,
The wynd, 62 duplexes, steel frames,
4x4 parking, yewscaping, renovating,
Foregrounded wheelchair-contingency tilts
And 5 row houses split.  Christmas brings
Sprayed snow on doorglass,
UPVC dream windows.


“The naming of people is a fascinating subject that varies so much around the world and tells
Us so much about a country or a society.”
-          Roger Darlington


  1. Chaplainship bulletin quoth...Christopher Barnes sang

At Salthouse St. Nicolas, Good Friday –
Pitched to the Evangelist’s gallery, volume of readiness,
Punctilio in over charge.  A summation essential –
To meter tenor arias,
Foisting a wilt on his lift.
Cribbing ‘and wept bitterly’
Peter’s renunciation
Was in-a-breath effusiveness, swelling
With the lurch
Of this execution.


“Cloning is the process of making a genetically identical organism through nonsexual means.”
-          How Stuff Works Inc.


  1. A green-ink fabulist

Elbower of the Australian phrase,
Mood hoisting stories.
Keen-set to programme refit plots, swerves,
Sidetracks, he remarks the district Lits are sprung,
Incestuous –
Christopher Barnes bawls ‘Fuck’
For spirited vex-succour.



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