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OffCourse Literary Journal

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Four Poems by Billy Cancel.


countercurrent filled inflammation of bright blue

samples mitigatory skeleton in the worm hence
am prone to diagonalise but know more than
grass & water. we’ll really go to town on
that freak show won’t we big rock candy
mountain dazed felony sabbatical? time
to rotate the crop you say i say razzle
dazzle transfiguration you’re never too
young for a glossary of plea bargains.
it won’t be anything like in the foundry.


unleased still flapping all about daytona beach

soon lapsed into sad work upon street called
tower went bad in own shoes aggregate of
edge no casual nexus catch word open hander
fed me crow i drew the teeth from monday
bread & butter cut frost line tightened for
the good citizens of medical lake this will be
their 3 o’clock shadow stuffed you drink from
incandescent cup pull summer up red wet hills
all the way back to your citrus avocado pit


scratch card cop car scratch card cop car

because i was in atlanta got the fish
got the pills got the 7 but for my troubles
took a sweet little ankle tap & canned
the road down the kick so any time now
mail order monsters & she’ll be pregnant
with error pulling out of some diner on
41 the taste of burnt sugar & flowers
in the sea because he was in atlanta rain
-bow man streaks lines all up our stairs


17 shapes of 54 colours meant

commercial blimp in black cloud
so confounded was i by white
walls blinding light of immediate
family knock knock who’s there
did you just knock no have
you got any bread no snap
went the snorkel each rehearsed
passage to uptown nowadays i
only take my news with vouchers.


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