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Letters to the Editor:


From Ellaraine Lockie, about the R. Nirenberg's World Cup essay:

On Tue, June 29, 2010 11:00 am, Ellaraine Lockie wrote:

Ricardo--Love your World Cup essay! I couldn't agree more and in fact think you were most gracious toward the end. Here's a short poem of mine that you might get a "kick out of":).
--All best, Ellaraine Lockie


NFL Footnote

Pitiful how he experiences by proxy
Pasted to the TV
Plastered by beer’s cohesive
that connects him to macho men
all over America
in their spectator sport addictions
Allegiances vacillating
between victorious teams
So shriveling egos
can be vicariously swelled
And congenial dinner companionship
dependent on the words we won



A propos of R.Nirenberg Soccer Screed, from Robert Wexelblatt:

Read it with pleasure and mucho gusto. Refreshing. Reminded me of a good story about (American) football: A young sports reporter went up to the wizened old coach before the Big Game: "Well, Coach, it looks like this is a real must-win situation. What do you have to say?" "Son," says the coach, looking down on the cub reporter, "World War Two, that was a must-win situation. This is just a damned football game."


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